Wheel Clamp Man, Australia’s Real Life Superhero

Austrailia’s motorists can rest assured that their cars are a little bit safer thanks to a mystery man in green tights who removes boots that are placed on cars. Hooray for vigilante car justice!

For severl weeks now, the unknown hero has been partroling the streets and parking garages of Perth, Australia and removing boots that have been placed on the cars of motorists. It can cost a driver upwards of $135 to get the clamp removed from the sleazy parking authorities.

The superhero known only as Wheel Clamp Man will remove the boot using not laser vision or superhuman strenght, but an angle grinder. He only asks for small donation which he then gives to the homeless. The guy’s a modern day Robin Hood!

wheel-clamp man

The amount of money these companies make off innocent people is insane. Where does that money go? Not into car parks or safer streets. It goes into their pocket.” – Wheel Clamp Man

Wheel Clamp Man has been tracked down by several alternative newspapers, but refuses to give his true identity out of fear of persecution from the authorities. It’s probably safe to assume though he doesn’t have Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne money, that green leotard outfit doesn’t exactly scream billionaire.

While most citizens are fans of Wheel Clamp Man’s services, the police have described him as a menace and are urging the public to turn him in.

He is committing the offence of criminal damage. We will deal with him.” – Police goon

No surprise there, right? The MAN is always trying to come down on superheroes, it’s a tale as old as time itself.

In true superhero fashion, Wheel Clamp Man discovered his calling after becoming a victim of parking injustice himself.

I went to a car park, pulled in, couldn’t see any signs, and I must have walked less than 100 yards and I was clamped.”

Not as bad as having your parents murdered in front of you, but still enough to ruin a guy’s day.

Via The Telegraph

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