DMX Meets Google for First Time, is Puzzled by Strange Future Machine

“DMX not understand Internets. DMX not understand evil computer devil box. DMX angry! *Dog Bark Dog Bark Dog Bark* DMX attack Google box.”

That’s pretty much the transcript for the video above. DMX visited the Power 105.1 studios in NYC where they had a little talk with him about technology and introduced him to Google. Not a lot gets through, but what is clear is that DMX does not understand the Google and DMX does not care for the Google.

I don’t know if that means we’re free to write anything we want about DMX because he’ll never see it or if it means we should be careful about what we write about DMX because the combination of what we’ve said plus not being able to understand the computer machine that contains it might cause him to hunt us down like dogs and brutally murder us.

Well, Mr. DMX, you may not love the Internet, but the Internet does love you. It has shared one of its most prized possessions with you, The Reading Rainbow. The Internet cares about exactly five things: Cats, Porn, Ron Paul, Nostalgia, and Remixes. That Reading Rainbow mash-up is two of those things!

We’ll always love you, DMX, no matter how much you pretend we don’t exist. In fact, everyone, do an honorary angry dog bark in DMX’s honor.

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