Mile High Masturbation in the Sky: Airline Accommodates Jet-Setting Pervs

The friendly skies just got a little too friendly.

It’s reported that Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has had a recent issue with passengers in business class hitting recline on their seats, curling up with a blanket and breaking out the lotion for a mile-high self lovin’ session. Eww.

Cathay Pacific may not endorse the sketchy behavior, but with uncensored entertainment content, dimmed lighting and hot towels for clean up, they’re providing nearly everything but a flight stewardess for the happy ending.

Flying can be a stressful but that doesn’t mean whipping it out and going full-on spank crazy like a seventh-grader at summer camp is acceptable. Whatever happened to just knocking back a few bloody marys and zoning out on the iPod?

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