WATCH: Steve Jobs Gets Called Out by Bill Burr: I’m Not Buying It

While a good portion of the western world is lining up to buy the new iPhone 5, Bill Burr isn’t one of them. The visceral comic isn’t buying into the hype machine of the late Steve Jobs and is calling the Apple mastermind out on his ego and dictatorship ways.

Bill sat down with Conan to discuss the Apple machine and painted an image of Steve as nothing more than a wizard behind the curtain, shouting orders to his army of geek scientists.

It’s just another of Burr’s hilarious examples of calling out the bs of the world that the rest of society turns a blind eye to. Perhaps the icing on the hate cake though is the Van Halen comparison.

When David Lee Roth left Van Halen, could Eddie not play guitar anymore?”

A bit of a stretch, but it gets the point across.

Get Bill’s opinon on “gold digging whores” here.

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