The 10 Worst Tyra Banks Screenshots Ever

tyra cover

I can’t say that I’ve seen more than two episodes of Tyra, but one thing is certain – Tyra Banks is a crazy b*tch. The only thing crazier in the studio besides Tyra are the guests she brings on. I’m convinced the producers wait outside the offices of therapists for suburban housewives before throwing a pillowcase over their head and shoving them in a van.

Maury may be the king of daytime TV exploitation, but Tyra is his reigning queen on the throne of crazy.

darren doesn't want drama

Seriously, ladies, Darren is just a chill, drama-free dude who happens to worship the devil. Is that so hard to accept?

amy's orgasm problem

Job interviews must be nearly impossible for this woman.

Diaper girl

Maybe Darren is into that sort of thing.

lanieka eats toilet paper

Single or double ply?

bisexual tina

Tina would be the queen of Panama City during spring break.

Don the vampire king

Also known as “the assistant manager of Kinkos.”

Patty on tyra

The anime nerd dating pool runs deep.

Pooping Veronica

Might want to leave that nugget of info off the Ok Cupid profile, Veronica.

2 va jay jays

Whoa, this has got to be the coolest thing… Wait! “Recently”??! How?… Whaaa?


Imus just found a new morning show sidekick.

And of course some Tyra GIFs showcasing her stable personality.

tyra choking on her tongue

enraged tyra

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