The 20 Worst Public Transit Fails

Public Transit Fails

“Reduce your carbon footprint.”, they say. “Take public transportation.”, they say. Is saving the planet and reducing the nation’s dependency on oil really worthy having a somebody’s belly sweat drip on you?

Public transportation gets a bad rap and there’s a reason that rich people don’t take it. We set out to capture the worst of the public transit system and came back with 20 abominations of bus and rail. And it only took us one hour of riding the train and two bus rides! Bon voyage human decency.

subway crack

Nothing starts the week off like a 40 minute ride to work with random ass crack in your face. This is how the downfall of society starts…

subway nail clipping

Things are going to get even uglier when a random nail flies up and hits him in the face.

mattress on the bus

She didn’t even have correct change.

squished kid on train

You’ll see all kinds of human failure while using public transit from horrible dads, to this…

butt seat

Now you know where those strange stains on your bus seat came from.

Crowded Commuter Train

Yes, Japan may be on the cutting edge of technology and have vending machines with fried chicken, but is this really what you want in your daily commute?

crowded train

Then again, you could be taking India transit to your sweatshop job everyday.

bus travel fail

Slip $5 in his thong and he won’t rifle through your belongings when he wakes up. Only kidding, he’s totally gonna steal your stuff.

disgusting woman on subway

Sorry if this made you nauseous. Really, my deepest apologies for subjecting your eyeballs to this horrifying visual. Now moving on…

not first class

There is no “first class” on public transit. In fact, it’s completely lacking in any class whatsoever.

subway bag man

He’s probably perfectly sane and would very much enjoy an intelligent conversation with you. Have a seat…

gross gut on train

For the benefit of the rest of us, some people should really consider the life of a shut-in.

box shirt

Public transit fashion is full of surprises. This dapper chap has chosen a box for a shirt… probably on his way to wheel and deal some big business on Wall Street.


I’m sure there’s a legit reason for not paying the fare and latching onto the bus like a gremlin. He’s probably got an important job interview he can’t miss.

kitty transit

Not even going to comment on this photo, you already know the joke…

worst school bus ever

Probably the worst use of the word “ideal” in the history of the written word.

santa subway fail

You won’t be getting any toys this year, kids. Santa got loaded on Christmas hooch and curled up for a winter nap on a germ ridden subway seat.

subway love

They tried kicking him off the bus, but the wheelchair lift broke and it took 40 minutes for the repair guy to show up.

subway fail

Time to buy a bicycle.

You should probably get a tetanus shot now, better safe than sorry.

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