The 10 Funniest Web Comics You’ll Ever Read

Before the all powerful meme, people flocked to comics like Penny Arcade for a chuckle. Not that these comics are going anywhere, but it’s a shame that the medium now takes a back seat to much simpler and easier to share content. In no particular order, here are the funniest web comics around.

“A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” This one’s been a geek favorite for years. It’s almost always hilarious, even when it leaves you scratching your head.

2. The Oatmeal
It’s hard to believe that The Oatmeal has only been around for three years. Creator Matthew Inman’s point of view on everything from Twilight to Dog Ownership showcases a comedian’s talent for observation.

3. Red Vs. Blue
Yes, we know, it’s technically a web-series and not a comic, but don’t split hairs with us. Just clear your schedule and start with season 1, nerd. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Poorly Drawn Lines
Creator Reza Farazmand’s witticisms can seem a bit random at times, but they’re always poignant, and it has a cool art style, despite the title. Just hit the archive and start clicking.

5. PhD
Piled Higher and Deeper is a comic that was started way back in 1997 by then Stanford grad student, Jorge Cham. It’s now his full time gig and loaded with funny riffs on grad school life and academia in general.

6. Penny Arcade
Over a decade old, Penny Arcade has probably enjoyed a larger fan base and more cred than any other web comic out there. If you’re new to Penny-Arcade, you could easily spend an entire day or two laughing your way through thousands of comics. Though spme of the references may seem obscure if you’re not into video games.

7. Garfield Minus Garfield
Garfield Minus Garfield puts John Arbuckle up front, revealing a self-loathing and insecure character. It puts a thought provoking spin on an old-school favorite, and it’s still hilarious.

8. Doghouse Diaries
This strip is written by three people and uses super simple artwork to explore complex topics like the misunderstandings and tumultuous nature of relationships. It doesn’t have quite the massive following that some of these other comics enjoy, but it deserves to be among them.

9. Dinosaur Comics
Dinosaur is a favorite that eventually spawned a book that managed to hit the #1 spot on for a time. Don’t let their prehistoric brains fool you, this comic is surprisingly insightful, and often explores existential issues and philosophy.

10. Cyanide and Happiness
Dark humor at its finest, Cyanide was created in 2004 by a then 16 years old Kris Wilson. It’s now one of the most popular humor comics in any medium, with aps, flash video content, and thousands of daily readers.

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