The 20 Creepiest Clowns

creepy clowns cover

Clowns aren’t supposed to be scary, but for some reason they scare the crap out of people. Blame it on Stephen King, blame it on James Carpenter, the point is, that if an orange haired man wearing bright makeup ask if you’d like to play a game – you’re probably gonna die. These 20 Halloween clowns won’t be serving you happy meals, making balloon animals or inviting you to play the Grand Prize Game. They’re straight from the devil’s circus tent and they don’t play nice.

fat clown

Remember, kids, too much cotton candy will give you clown gut.


Last trip to the candy store. EVER.

clown warior

Not the kind of guy you want marching in a parade beside you.

clown killer

You can bet she’ll probably have some serious issues with the balloons and doing laundry. That’s IF she lives…

clown doll

Like puppets were’t already scary enough, there’s got to be a clown puppet?! Break out the lighter fluid before this thing hides under your bed.


There’s something scarier hiding in the attic besides mice.

evil clown santa

He doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re still gonna die.

Evil Clown

That’s not clown makeup on her hands…

house 1000 corpses

The sideshow freak guide from Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses.


Stephen King pretty much ruined any enjoyment of Bozo or the circus for us with IT.

evil baby clown
Is it too late for an abortion?

no teeth clown
She’s a HUGE fan of saltwater taffy and thinks brushing is for losers.

psycho clown

Somebody get the gun and send this rainbow haired freak back to hell.

beach clown

Run, little dog, run before it’s too late!

john wayne gacy

A clown truly worthy of terror, John Wayne Gacy.

clown scares kid

Children are a staple of any evil clown’s diet.

michael meyers clown

The beginning of Michael Meyers…

killer klowns from outer space

The ’80s cult comedy/horror classic Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

creepy black and white clown

This creepshow is from an old cereal commercial. Because nothing makes kids want a bowl of sugary cereal more than a clown with dead eyes of pure terror.

Nicki Minaj

Those aren’t balloon animals in her shirt – hey oh!


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Clowns really freak me out. last halloween I started to cry when I saw the clowns.😣😃

gho$t red

I LOVE CLOWNS is funny because im a clown myself did you after see me in creepyposte

Angela Cooper

I have a very sick disgusting attachment to evil clowns from Pennywise to The Joker and Harley Quinn. evil clowns are just my thing. I want to throw an evil clown party.


My wife saw the one of the killer clowns pictures with this as the caption: “Violets are purple, your blood is red, your window was open, I’m under your bed”. I checked under the bed while it was still light….


if it’s not under the bed then don’t forget to check if it’s sleeping beside you “on the bed”


I can understand clowns that mean to cause harm to children like penny wise, not cool, but all the rest copy cats, get a life, don’t get dressed as a clown walking around? Back in my acid days I would beat you with a ball bat an aluminum one so I could hear the TING TING as it bounces of your stupid face! We all should walk around with ball bats, target the stupid guy walking through the play ground, then when were done teaching a lesson, we should get a bronze star for bravery!!! Yeah fuk you not scary but stupid no life looser clown!!! Bam!

Ken Sears

All this evil-clown hooplah? Overt symptom of the barren wasteland that is our so-called “Collective Consciousness.” Stunted, slavish drones of the Idiot-Pop-Culture-Machine, scrambling desperately to authenticate themselves by filling the void (where authentic personhood should have been) with the Machine’s pathetic, vacant trinkets.


“Run, little dog, run before it’s too late!”
actually I think the puppy’s here to clean up after mr.Creepshow’s act, you know the leftover of whatsoever’s left of your liver!


I saw a clown with a axe and he chased me I saw a log and hit him across the face got his axe and chopped his head of

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