PHOTOS: Joe Biden’s Funniest VP Moments

Joe Biden Funny Face

Joe Biden is America’s drunk uncle. It’s pretty awesome. We have quite the collection of Joe Biden being hilarious:

The 20 Awesomest Joe Biden Photos

Joe Biden: College Cheerleaders On Hard Wood Blow My Mind

Joe Biden Asks Dad of Dead Navy SEAL about Son’s Testicle Size

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Cameo on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Joe Biden is a Boss

And so on. But since the Vice President keeps doing crazy s**t, we have to keep adding to the college. So here are some hilarious Joe Biden photos:

Joe Biden Sumo

Joe Biden and a Baby

Joe Biden with a Watergun

Joe Biden Creepy Smile

Joe Biden Debate

Joe Biden and Obama Love Each Other

Joe Biden Soccer

Joe Biden Eats a Baby

Joe Biden and Amy Poehler

Joe Biden is a Boss

And of course, no look at Joe Biden being hilarious would be complete with out MALARKEY!:

Joe Biden Malarkey Gif

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