The 20 Awesomest GIFs of 2012

best gifs of 2012

“GIF” was officially selected as word of the year by Oxford American Dictionary. That says something about our society, we’re obsessed with a simple animated clip of politicians and cats doing silly dances on loop. You can basically bet that any feat whether monumental or idiotic (especially the idiotic) will no forever be memorialized in GIF form. Aliens land – GIF. Robot revolution – GIF. Honey Boo Boo presidential campaign – GIF. You get the idea. These are the most viral GIFs that helped cement the GIF’s place in Internet history in 2012.

dubstep cat gif
Gotta kick this mother off with a cat GIF and dubstep hipster cat is all over it (Skrillex soundtrack optional).

wrong knee rub gif

“My bad, bro.” The Michael Beasley wrong knee rub GIF.

dancing bane gif

Bane will do the robot before and after he breaks you.

david robinson photobomb gif

Oh snap! David Robinson just got photobombed via GIF.

democrat party gif

“Wake me up before you go-go, Dems.”

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