Winter Storm Nemo Wants to Ruin Your Car

Run for your lives, it’s snowing, motherf*#kers! If you find yourself in the middle of this weekend’s winter storm, before you hunker down on the couch for a Netflix marathon, ask yourself “where did I park my car?” Seriously, don’t make the same mistake with your car as these unfortunate drivers.

sun roof snow fail

You’ve just got to get a sunroof they said. You’ll love it so much they told you… assholes.

buried snow car

It’s like a dog sticking its nose out from under a blanket. A dirty, snow covered blanket.

car buried in the snow

Just pay a couple of neighborhood kids $5 and they should have your car out by August.

car ruined by snow storm nemo

It’s not as bad as it looks. Only kidding, this driver is screwed.

snow storm nemo ruins car

On the bright side… ummm, yeah, sorry, there is no bright side.

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car stuck in snow drift, snow storm nemo

Thought you’d be safe from the icy grip of winter in a parking garage? Think again, chump.

nemo blizzard buries cars in snow

First person to dig out a tire gets a free car!

truck stuck in snow drift

Reason #233 not to live in North Dakota.

convertible covered in snow

Good luck picking up the ladies in this snow covered hoopty.

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