The 10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Photos of All Time

Spring is in the air. Which means babies. Lots of babies.

And babies mean photos. Sometimes even before babies are born.

Scroll below to see 10 bizarre pregnancy photos that will make you say, “Thank God those aren’t my parents!” (Or are they?)

1. Must Love Cats
creepy, maternity, bizarre
“Run. Run away, and never return,” Simba. Your parents are freaks.

2. Your Dad’s a Douche
creepy, maternity, bizarre
Want free tickets to the gun show? Look elsewhere.

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3. One Gun Son
creepy, maternity, bizarre
Matching black button-ups but only one gun?

4. Spoon River
creepy, maternity, bizarre
Imagine your parents whipping this out of the old family album when you introduce your girlfriend.

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5. Death Stare
creepy, maternity, bizarre
That guy is the like the Mona Lisa. Wherever you move in the room, he’s still staring.

6. I’ll Never Tire of Loving You
creepy, maternity, bizarre
And if I do, I’m sure there’s a spare somewhere out there.

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7. Alien Baby
creepy, maternity, bizarre
That…thing does NOT look human.

8. Janice the Muppet is Pregnant
Wocka wocka! What is she staring at and why is he doing in a downward dog?

9. So Loko
The best nutrients an expectant mother can provide is also banned in most states.

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10. Easter Bunny
Somebody knocked up the Easter Bunny.

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