The 20 Worst Pieces of Parenting Advice from ‘The Sims’

If you just pay attention to what the spatially-confused and pretty-much-helpless-in-every-possible-way Sims have to say about parenting, you’ll really learn a lot about how to raise a human baby.

Let your kid leave the house like this.

Sims Screen Capture

Encourage him to speak his mind.

Sims Dialogue

Be an involved parent.

Parent Sims

Keep the baby warm and comfortable.

The Sims Baby

Salute once your baby learns to levitate.

Levitating Sims Baby

Insist your little one play with her imaginary friend, even as a teenager.

The Sims Imaginary Friend

Make it clear that you will not tolerate your kid’s lameness ruining your parties.

Parents on The Sims

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Tossing your little one around is great for fun and bonding.

The Sims Mother

Let your quadruplet babies take turns sleeping in the crib. The floor is a great place in the meantime!

Babies on The Sims

Take the time to introduce the baby to your pets.

The Sims Baby in Fish Tank

Invest in a nice stroller, even if you don’t feel the need to use it!

The Sims and Baby

Kids can pile on top of one another in the crib, to save space.

The Sims Sleeping Babies

Shower your baby with the most affection possible, even if your baby is a weird ghost thing.

The Sims Ghost Baby

Be creative when taking the little one out for a stroll.

Baby Stroller on The Sims

Keep your baby away from dangers such as fires.

The Sims Parent

Scream whenever your toddler starts to scream.

The Sims Parenting

Precariously balancing on the railing of the crib is great for a toddler’s well-being.

The Sims Toddler

Hold the baby upside down whenever giant butterflies are near, for safety.

The Sims Parent

Teach your baby to be forward and direct when it comes to communication.

Baby The Sims

Let your skeleton maid, Bonehilda, take care of the baby every now and then.

The Sims Bonehilda

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