The 20 Awesomest Arnold Schwarzenegger GIFs

Arnold GIFs Cover

We’re declaring this the summer of Arnold. You’ve got Arney making an appearance in The Expendables 2 and then there’s the whole Total Recall reboot thing. Okay, maybe it’s not a full-on comeback summer for Arnold, but it’s the closest we’re probably gonna get.

To celebrate this return to the big screen we’ve collected the 20 awesomest Arnold GIFs that the Internet has to offer. So prepare yourself for some serious GIF’d out Govenator awesomeness.

conan light sticks

If there was ever any doubt that Conan the Barbarian would kick ass at a rave, that has been put to rest.

Arnold boob dance

Put on some dubstep, take a hit of acid and stare at this for the next two hours, there’s your Friday night right there.

Arnold machete kill

Somebody once challenged Arnold to a game of darts, he showed them this GIF and they immediately locked themselves in the bathroom.

kick some ice

Quite possibly the worst / best line in the history of film.

Arnold boob dance with Hanz and Franz

Back in the SNL Carvey and Nealon days, probably circa 1991 or something.

Conan Horse Punch

Listen, if Conan wants to punch a horse in the mouth, you nor any army of T-1000s are gonna stop him.

Terminator flips the bird

The Terminator flipping you the bird in traffic isn’t so bad, at least he didn’t rip your arm off.

Okay, Internet, your job is done now. That will be all, thank you.

Total Recall Arnold disguise

Where’s your fat headed lady mask, Colin Farrell?

Arnold loves ramen

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the affordable and delicious adequate taste of Ramen noodles. Even big shot Hollywood stars love some .75 noodle soup now and again.

Arnold Stallone Contra

This would be a near perfect GIF, but I feel like the creator really dropped the ball by using Alien instead of Predator.


Let this be a lesson, kids, steroids can have some seriously crazy side effects.

Angry Arnold

Arnold shows Terry Crews that his yell will not be overdone.

Arnold Kills Justin Bieber

If only military scientists could find a way to send a Terminator back in time and make this a reality.

Arnold goofing off

You know you’re trying this very same thing right now. Don’t even front like you’re not.


Awesome indeed.

Arnold jamming for the kids

C’mon, kids, let’s all join Arney for some traditional Austrian body building folk songs.

Total Recall Mars air

This is the sort of photograph I was hoping the Mars Rover would send back to Earth. NASA fail.

Whaaaaaaaaa?! That’s right, kids, your California governor wasn’t always the man you know him as today.

thumbs up

This scene brings a tear to my eye each and every time.

Conan mind fuck

And that’s a wrap. Feel free to scroll back through if you think your eyes can handle this much Arnold awesomeness again.

Check out more awesome in the 20 Awesomest Archives.

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