Snoop Dogg vs. Santa in Epic Rap Battle

One rides around on a sleigh wearing a red velvet suit and the other rolls in a Caddy on rims, most of the time. In this installment of Epic Rap Battles of History, Santa takes on Moses (Snoop Dogg) to fight for top rights over Christmas.

The 20 Awesomest Photos Of Snoop Dogg

This gallery is a little bit left of center, but I think you'll agree that Snoop kicking it with Larry King and a sea lion deserves to be seen for all its greatness.

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Yea, the premise is a little thin, being that Moses was around about a 1,000 years before Christmas, but let’s not get too picky over the historical facts of a YouTube comedy rap video. The point is, that fat elf is about to get served L.B.C. style.

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