WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Live’s 10 Funniest Clips

Jimmy Kimmel has said goodbye to his midnight time slot and moved to 11:35 to play with the big boys. We’re paying tribute to Jimmy with our own version of the mixtape, a 10 clip retrospective of his funniest bits. Tom Hanks and toddlers, dry humping celebrities and lots of crying kids – good luck, Dave and Jay, you’re gonna need it.

There’s nothing strange about little girls playing dress up with makeup and sequined dresses. There’s something a little strange when Tom Hanks is behind it all.

Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johannson and Minka Kelly dry humping the air in yoga pants, ’nuff said.

People believe the iPhone 4 is actually the iPhone 5?! Never! People are smarter than that, oh wait…

Chris Rock points out what so many political know-it-all talking head panelists failed to do – Barack Obama is the whitest president ever. The guy doesn’t even own a pit bull!

The ultimate movie to end all movies, it’s a prequel, sequel, trilogy all wrapped into one with every Hollywood A-lister ever. You can quit now, Hollywood.

Jimmy shows his love of torturing others with one of his most popular bits ever. Go ahead and cry, kids, Jimmy don’t care.

The president doesn’t need a team of advisers to help raise his approval rating or get the American people to buy into the idea of health care, he just needs some auto-tune courtesy of T-Pain.

If only the sun really would incinerate the Jersey Shore gang.

Gary Oldman Wants Athletes to Stay the F**k Out of Movies

A word of advice for LeBron James, don't try your hand at acting. And an even stronger word of advice, if you do try acting, stay far, far away from Gary Oldman.

Click here to read more

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the secret that shook Tinseltown to it’s very foundation, he was f**king Ben Affleck. Matt is gonna be so hurt.

Very similar to the Halloween candy prank, only this time it’s Christmas that’s been ruined. $20 bucks says that a few clicks on would tie Jimmy Kimmel’s family tree right in with the Grinch.

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