Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Bacon Cure-All, Darth Jackson, May Fail

May was bursting with bad decisions, failure, and, most likely a lot of pain killers and ice packs. Let’s take a moment to relish the fail that spring bestowed upon us this year.

Apocalypse, pants sharting, Internet trolls – bacon fixes it all! Okay, I don’t think there’s actually any scientific proof that bacon can fix any problem life throws at you, but I’m not about to argue with a singing robot. At the very least, you’ll smell like a delicious pork product. Which will instantly make you more likeable to basically everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, James Earl Jones was terrific as Darth Vader, and Samuel L. Jackson was… well, Mace Windu was Mace Windu. We’ll leave it at that. But replace Darth’s voice with some dubbed lines from Samuel L. Jackson’s other roles and what you get is practically a whole new movie. Darth is just as angry as always, but now he seems to have a little more style behind that mask.

Listen, everyone knows that when it comes to soccer or fútbol, people in the U.S. only pretend to really care about it when the World Cup rolls around. Throw in a few storm troopers and high powered lasers emitting from the eyes of players and I have no doubt it would soon be “What NFL?” Goal celebrations get the FX treatment and epic is an understatement.

Not satisfied with the explosion overload of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers? Let’s take a more realistic look at how Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and the other two that nobody really cares about would have celebrated their victory of good over evil. Oh, and the short also gives a nice, and totally random nod to Tommy Boy, too.

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