Does the Dark Knight Have People Issues?

One of the biggest complaints about Christian Bale’s Batman was that the guy sounded like he was talking with rocks in his mouth. When you’re general speaking voice resembles a cement mixer it can be difficult to get people to open up to you. What about Batman’s general people skills though? The guy seems to have a real lack for making small talk with the bad guys and goes right for the punches to the face and threats of bodily harm – that’s no way to get to know somebody.

depressed batman

Still, as counter-productive as Batman’s face punching approach may be, it actually seems to work. Maybe a little too well. Batman’s got lots of questions for the criminals of Gotham, some of them just plain unnecessary. Why could the Dark Knight possibly care about some bad dude’s 3rd grade math teacher? You’re such a complicated creature, Batman. How are the folks by the way?

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