Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Mr. Burns and Brazilian Elevator Pranks

For this prank you’re going to need a cat, safety goggles, and an abundance of free time away from judgmental friends and family. DON’T forget the safety goggles.

Worried about the approaching fiscal cliff that may doom the American economy even more? Have no clue what the fiscal cliff even is? There’s nobody better to explain the impending economical collapse than evil billionaire Montgomery Burns. Think of it this way, the economy is car by a rich man and if you don’t give him all of your money he’s going to drive that car off a cliff. It’s just common sense. You didn’t elect Romney and did this to yourself, America.

Clearly, the television producers of Brazil have no problem with traumatizing there fellow citizens. A prank video of a ghost girl appearing in an elevator made waves last week, racking up nearly 41 million views on YouTube. Now, they’ve wheeled a coffin into the elevator with a corpse that pops out, terrifying those unlucky enough to be on board.

Gather round, children. Ruff Ryders leader and former convict #7453 is here to offer a new version of the beloved Christmas Carol “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” DMX stopped by a radio station to spit some Rudolph rhymes and it’s destined to be the next holiday classic. Ride or die, Rudolph. Ride or die!

Tired of your girlfriend dragging you to yogurt chains like Pinkberry that suck the testosterone out of you? No worries, bro. Check out Brozen Brogurt, the only frozen yogurt chain that let’s a bro simply be a bro. Righteous!

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