Tarantula Prank

If you decide to buy a tarantula it’s mandatory that you use it to scare the pants off of your girlfriend and videotape the whole thing.

Epic Guitar Fail

You see videos where someone gets nailed by a ball, bicycle or guitar and you wonder if it really was an accident. Maybe people are just getting even.

Supermarket Dominos

When you’re working the night shift in a grocery store there’s only one thing to do after you’ve restocked all the produce- set up a crazy domino set using everything from milk crates to cereal boxes.

Twitter Cops

A special group of cops are on a mission to protect the world from the lame Twitter updates that pollute the internet.

Up Too Damn High

Check out this well done mash up of the Pixar film Up, along with NY Gov. candidate Jimmy McMillan. One thing’s for sure – the rent is too damn high!