The 20 Awesomest Photos Of Snoop Dogg

This gallery is a little bit left of center, but I think you’ll agree that Snoop kicking it with Larry King and a sea lion deserves to be seen for all its greatness.

Conan O’Brien As The Flaming C

Conan’s unique superhero alter ego has a penchant for fishnet stockings and oven mitts, but still gets his own cartoon with the Justice League!

Lessons In Survival From Horror Movies

Let’s assume you’re a drunk virgin who’s car broke down and you decide to take a short cut through the woods on a full moon. You’re chances of survival are about as good as a doughnut in Kirstie Alley’s fridge – unless you follow our horror movie survival guide.

Deadbeat Dad: Tall Tales

So, I’m what you’d call in this business an “unreliable narrator.” That is, I make shit up. Well, make shit up isn’t exactly right either. Dissemble is perhaps a better word.

Grandpa Bieber Is Driving All The Ladies Crazy

Justin Bieber’s gramps has decided jump on the bandwagon to musical success with a song about his shawty of 60 years. They may both have bad knees and be in bed by eight, but they’ve got a love stronger than Poligrip.

Anybody Looking For A Dance Partner?

A girl named Happiness (red flag alert) auditions for a UK talent show with a dance number that isn’t so much a rhythmic choreographed routine, but a seizure set to music.