A Star Wars Christmas

After the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special received poor reviews it was put on the shelf and never aired again. Luckily, we’ve stumbled upon this new and improved special to share with all of you.

Sarah Palin’s Reindeer Hunt

It’s no secret that Sarah Palin likes her firearms, but she’s gone too far this time when she’s on the hunt for Rudolph. At least that’s the story Conan O’Brien wants us to believe.

Grandma Reads 50 Cent’s Tweets

Some grandmas like to gather around the family during the holidays for a reading of ‘A Christmas Carol’, but this Grandma is a little different. She prefers 50 over Dickens.

A Questionable History Of Jesus

This video is wrong on so many levels, but made me laugh at the pure absurdity. Check out Jesus going medieval on some Roman soldiers like nobody’s business.

The Santa Bailout Hearings

It’s a rough economy out there and it’s not any prettier up at the North Pole. How’s the big guy in red supposed to cover all those Xbox requests? We’ve got exclusive coverage from the Santa Clause bailout hearings.

Confronting Santa

Charlie unleashes on Santa Claus. From the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Christmas Special.

Gawd Bless America Movie Trailer

The film follows Blake Freeman, who takes a morally and financially bankrupt 69 year old man named Leroy, on a journey in search of the truth about aliens and ghosts.

Saturday Night Live “I Just Had Sex”

When you score in any area of life the natural urge is to tell the world about your accomplishments. And if you’re Andy Samberg, you hire Akon and shoot a music video to shout it from the rooftops.

The 20 Baddest Santas

These Santas are devoid of holiday cheer and really couldn’t give a sh%$ what you want for Christmas. In fact, the 20 Baddest Santas have better things to do, like knock back another glass of egg nog.