The Tea Party Hits The Big Time

Tea Party zealots are once again crowing about their ability to topple Republican incumbents in favor of crazy, half-literate Mexican hunters following success in Primaries in both Delaware and New Hampshire.

Cooking With Juggalos

Did you ever want to take cooking lessons from Insane Clown Posse fans? Then you deserve all the salmonella you get.

The Top 10 Celebrity Flameouts

Celebrities flame out for lots of different reasons – bad money management, drugs, racist rants, the pressure of fame, some combination of all of the above – but some flame out just a bit more spectacularly than others.

Rock Stars Then and Now

When rock stars try to hold onto their images from decades earlier, we need to point it out and make fun of it. But when rock stars just start getting old on their own, that’s an entirely different scenario. Check out these pictures and be the judge yourself.

Top 10 Stupidest Awards Show Moments

Really, all awards show moments are stupid – what is this neverending fascination we have with watching artificial people pretend to be thankful for a fancy doorstop? But the following ten moments are so all-fired dumb that they push the envelope… please…