Yellow Submarine Dives Into The Uncanny Valley

Yellow SubmarineI’m kind of torn on Robert Zemeckis’ “performance capture” techniques – if you’re not familiar, it’s the process of filming real actors, digitizing them, and then creating CGI animation around their movements to make some unholy mash-up. At its best, it gave us the larger-than-life Beowulf. At its worst, it created the eye-searing death nightmare of The Polar Express. So I have to cop to a little unease at the weekend’s announcement (from Disney’s Twitter feed, of all places) that he’ll be helming a 3-D remake of the classic Beatles psychedelic animated classic Yellow Submarine. I just – I dunno, the 1968 animated version is awesome. It’s tripped-out and looks amazing and, oh yeah, half of the main characters are dead now. How do you do “performance capture” on John Lennon’s corpse. And why would you want to? Oh, wait – because The Beatles are big money right now. Am I just a Blue Meanie?

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