Top 10 Sexiest Horror Films

Top 10 Sexiest Horror Films

It’s Halloween, and what goes better with absolutely ball-scaring terror than hot babes? Yes, horror and horniness make strange bedfellows, but some brave souls have dared to bridge the gap and mix the two. In this feature, I’ll spotlight the ten horror films that also made me randy. Let’s get it on!

Catherine Deneuve made her bones as a lesbian vampire in this virtual softcore flick directed by Tony Scott. Susan Sarandon gets pulled into a bizarre love triangle with Deneuve and David Bowie and things get steamy – and bloody. This is like the goth sex movie. Admittedly, I don’t find Susan Sarandon hot at all, but it still works.

Classic Belgian/German erotic vampire thriller that takes place in a grand seaside hotel, where a couple on honeymoon falls into the orbit of a sadistic Countess and all sorts of bloodenings and bonenings happen. Delphine Seyrig is absolutely smoking as Countess Bathory.

Man, Jennifer Tilly makes that badonkadonk work. Sure, it’s kind of creepy watching her suck face with a psychopathic doll, but Tilly busting out of her outfit every which way but loose makes it all worthwhile.

This was the movie so racy that it robbed Lisa Bonet of her birthright as a Huxtable, getting her booted from The Cosby Show. And it’s worth it! In a bloody Voodoo ritual dance, we even get a full-on nip slip. Downside: you have to look at Mickey Rourke a lot.

Ingrid Pitt is a legend among horror fanatics for her ability to lustily throw herself into whatever blood-spattered role came her way. In The Vampire Lovers, she plays the plasma-thirsting, heavily lesbionic Marcilla, who feasts on a bevy of bodacious 70s babes before taking the stake.


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