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Kane & Lynch: Dog Days

An old friend comes back in new form this week with Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light, and two less-than-friends get their own sequel with Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. All that and more in this week’s new games.

Kane & Lynch: Dog Days– The original Kane & Lynch was a bizarre, flawed co-op shooter that overflowed with ambiance at the cost of playability. The sequel looks better in every way, with a massive load of multiplayer shenanigans. The biggest change, though, is that instead of playing as grizzled but generally stable mercenary Kane, you now default to the demented psychopath Lynch, and the game’s often surreal world reflects that fact, with tons of bizarre visual effects punctuating the action. Watch the trailer.

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light – The original video game sex symbol (sorry, Ms. Pac-Man) returns for a change of pace adventure, and Xbox Arcade title viewed from a very different angle. In an isometric perspective, Lara and her new ally, Mayan warrior Totec, must explore vast tombs with tricky puzzles and battle enemies with her traditional weapons and acrobatic abilities. Watch the trailer.

Ys SEVEN – The Ys series is one Japanese export that never really caught on here – perhaps it’s the game’s clunky combat or difficult storylines, but although translated titles hit the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, they never got any respect. Perhaps this PSP port of the seventh game in the epic will change that – developer Falcom has added AI partners and more complexity to the gameplay, and reviews of the Japanese version have been promising.

City Of Heroes: Going Rogue – Yes, MMORPGs do exist besides World of Warcraft. Superhero fantasy City of Heroes has been going strong for six years now, and the game’s devoted players love the fast-paced action and customizable characters, as well as the strong community. This new expansion busts things open by letting characters shift their allegiances from hero to villain – letting you walk that thin line for yourself. Sounds sweet!

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