WATCH: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Applause’ Live at VMAs … in Seashell Thong VIDEO]

lady gaga 2013 vmas thong performance video

Lady Gaga stunned us all once again with a stellar performance live at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. Gaga opens the number in an opera-like melody, dressed like a fashionable nun in white. Wide-eyed she sings to the crowd before transforming into an all black with a black swim-cap like headpiece. Moments after this, she changes into a glittery blue outfit with a mod-like short blonde wig. Not long after, she loses the blonde wig and blue outfit only to end up in a neon yellow wig with crazy face paint. You get the point. Queen Gaga ends up in a shell bikini with a long dirty blond wig. Check out the video below.

Now check out all the pics from Gaga’s insane performance!

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Changes Wigs 4 Times & Strips to Thong at VMAs 2013

Lady Gaga gave an insane performance at the VMAs. The pop queen changed wardrobes, and wigs, more times than we could count and then stripped down to a seashell thong.

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This performance is too awesome not to share it!

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