PHOTOS: Rihanna Posts Up-Close Pics of Her Butt on Instagram



Rihanna’s been getting hot and heavy lately on Instagram. Just yesterday, she posted these two super steamy pics showing off her killer tan… and much more.



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And finally, the close-up of Rihanna’s bodacious cheeks!



There’s not much else for Rihanna to hide now as she (her butt) boldly comes out for all the Insta-world to see…

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PHOTO: Rihanna Spreads Legs in Sexy Crystal Bikini on Instagram

After Rihanna posed for a sexy photo shoot in Barbados, she posted a racy picture on Instagram of her in a car with her legs open, wearing almost nothing.

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Rihanna Lawsuit: Sued For Grandma Clara Brathwaite’s $150k Funeral

Rihanna sent her grandmother Clara "Dolly" Brathwaite out in style, with a $150k funeral. But, RiRi only paid a quarter of the bill and faces a big lawsuit.

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