Aqua Vault Enters the ‘Shark Tank’
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Aqua Vault Enters the ‘Shark Tank’

Acqua Vault, a lock box that attaches to beach furniture, entered the Shark Tank on March 13. The three founders, Avin Samtani, Rob Peck, and Jonathan Kinas faced the investors.

The idea for the product came about when they were vacationing together. “The inception of this idea occurred while we were staying at one of the finest resorts in South Beach and had all of our valuables stolen from our lounge chairs while swimming in the pool,” Samtani told the Miami Herald.

People can put their valuables in the ABS thermoplastic case and secure it with the lock, with requires a three-digit combination to open. It is already used in countless hotels in Florida, and the full list can be seen on their website.

In 2014, Forbes included it on its list of the best gifts for travelers.

Buy Aqua Vault on Amazon for $46.95.

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