WATCH: Kim Burrell Video Rant Against Gay People

WATCH: Kim Burrell Video Rant Against Gay People


In a video that appeared on YouTube on December 30 singer Kim Burrell appears to suggest that gay people will die in 2017. The gospel star tells a group:

I came to tell you about sin.

That sin nature… That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women… You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted.

You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.

Later, Burrell took to her Facebook page to issue something that resembles an apology.

It’s unclear when the video was recorded. On Burrell’s Twitter page, she advertised for a “a night of Praise, Worship and Declaration for 2017! This Thursday, December 29 at 8 PM.” The event took place at a church that Burrell runs in her hometown of Houston.

According to the official website for The Ellen Degeneres Show, Burrell is scheduled to appear on January 5. She will be accompanied by Pharrell Williams.

The duo is promoting the movie Hidden Figures. They sang the lead song from the film, “I See Victory.”

In 2010, Burrell founded the The Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Overcoming Holy Church. The intro on the group’s website reads:

Love & Liberty Fellowship Church is called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and the beliefs of the evangelical Christian faith, to maintain the worship of God, and to inspire in all persons a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and a consciousness of their duties to God and their fellow human beings.

We pledge our lives to Christ and covenant with each other to demonstrate His Spirit through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of the people of this church and the community.

Burrell is listed as the church’s pastor.

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  1. I wanted to commend Kim Burrell for courageously defending the Bible and Christian principles in this day and age of religious intolerance.
    However, unfortunately, she is shrinking back a little and claiming that she is only talking to homosexuals in her church. I”m disappointed; the Word of God applies to homosexuality whenever and wherever it may be. It is condemned in the Bible and called unnatural. The Bible urges people to turn from sin and sin no more; it doesn’t encourage enshrining sin as “natural,” flaunting it and trying to make it sacred through marriage. I hope Kim’s courage is renewed so that she can stand firm in preaching against this social engineering and brainwashing that is sweeping society.

    • Hi there, as a Jew I want to thank you all for perverting MY book to suit your political ends. Fact is, in Leviticus, the assault against homosexuality was actually borne from the lesson of Sodom and Gommorah. The reality is that the angels were not condemning the act of sodomy for the sake of sodomy itself but because those practicing it were also committing adultery. The adulterous actions, aided by the act of sodomy, was the greater sin.

      That said, you’re a damn hypocrite if you speak of following the Bible literally as you are more than likely wearing clothes containing mixed fabrics, which is expressly forbidden in Leviticus as well. You don’t get to pick and choose which clauses you follow literally to suit your prejudices.

      Ask this of yourself. Does God make mistakes? Are you implying that his creation of homosexuality, which existed well before Jesus Christ was even born, was a mistake? Who are you to decree his creation is a mistake?

      • Your assertion that God created homosexuals or homosexuality isn’t biblical. No, God made no mistake. You did. Homosexuality is sin, of which Satan is the originator of, it transgress God’s law as all sin does. Sure some will contend that they were born that way, and conclude God did it. We are all born in sin; yet Christ died that we may be free of it. We all have a choice: To follow the world, or follow Christ Jesus.

    • It’s the social pressure she is receiving. Unless you are going to come out of the blogs and stand publicly with her, give her a break. This thing is like a tsunami and it’s no fun being hit by it. She can lose everything that you’ve worked all her life to build. That will make anyone shrink, even if for a moment. She is after all human. Peace.

      • Imagine that…losing everything you ever worked for or your LIFE for being a homosexual. As a woman who is also black she ought to understand how oppression works.
        Did you know that apparently God also said raping your female slaves was forgiven if you whip them in the old testiment too?
        The old testiment was a jealous and vengeful God…apparently he even says so.
        Jesus walks in and is mainly loving, anti-establishment. Jesus hung out with the poor, the hookers…even stood up for one.
        He was very radically different from old testiment God.
        The establishment had a problem.
        New testiment….lets water down the jealous vengeful God because we will lose control and power over the sheep.
        God will still remain very powerful and scary AF but Jesus will be the buffer.
        Hey that works! Print it up boys! We got a best seller.
        …and so it was man kept killing man in the name of God, slavery was still good to go and women did not belong to their own bodies until the industrial revolution did things start to shift.

    • Yep, Freedom of Speech is a freedom. Same freedom Carl Paladino excercised when he wished for Obamas death, and for the First Lady to join gorillas in Zimbabwe. Same freedom a redneck uses to call you Ni66er. Same freedom that sane minded people, like myself, need to put in check. Say what you will, offend as you please; it’s your right. Even if you choose to offend in your place of worship, where, I believe, thou shalt not pass judgement. Just know that we are here to let you know what an ignorant, hateful, deplorable, and nosy jackass you are.

      Another thing- gays don’t want a damn thing from any of you. As a matter of fact, gays would rather you forget that we exist. Our lives are much more complicated, and fulfilling than the mindless creation people like Kim have decided we are. Interesting that the opposers love to condemn gays, and in doing so focus entirely on sexual intercourse. I think that’s actually a perversion. We aren’t thinking about what you do in bed, so keep what we do out of your thoughts. We are everywhere, and everyone, some of your closest confidants. We are your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. We are everywhere, I say. If you don’t like it, too got damn bad for you!

      • We will see who’s right n who’s wrong on the day of judgment. I just know that our Lord and savior JESUS Christ has the last say so. If same sex relationships are good why was Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed? I’m not bashing or hating anyone at all…

      • Kim did not say she did not like you. She is talking about the sin. Which the bible talks about what is not natural. Read Romans 1: 26- 27 in the Bible to see what it is saying. She is a Pastor who is preaching and teaching to her congregation. Are you a part of the Body of Christ. Are you a part of her congregation or a member of the church she pastors. I don’the think people realize that the same thing that they say that Kim was doing they are actually doing it themselves which is “Bashing”.🤔

  2. I am a mother that’s face with not one but two gays sons! Yes it hurts so bad but there’s nothing that I can do but pray and the Bible says with love and kindness have I drawn thee! Do I think they want to be like that NO! It’s a struggle trying to find love in the wrong Places! I beat myself up for years ! What did I do? But the lord let me know it’s wasn’t me! Kim Continue to love then God will do the rest!!

    • I am saddened by the argument, please let’s not fight each other, but turn in our Bibles to Romans chapter 2 and try to understand what God was saying.

    • Do you really think God sends people to Hell for wearing mixed fabrics?
      Do you think if someone wears glasses they will go to Hell because they have imperfections?
      Do you think parents should stone their children to death for lipping off their parents?
      Do you believe it’s forgivable if a man rapes his female slaves as long as he whips her?
      These are in the old testiment. These are old laws. Where did Jesus EVER condem women, condone slavery or tell you homosexuals were bad people?
      Jesus was anti-establishment. He was against the bankers, disrupted the churches, flipped over tables but through it all he said LOVE.
      Don’t you ever be ashamed of your boys! If anything protect them! Make them proud of you.

  3. Pastor Burrell you are not God, he’s the only one who can judge and has the last judgement..if you truly believe in the bible where does it say turn some segments away from church and society. We need to Pray for them and not ridicule them.

  4. She absolutely said nothing wrong. The real problem is Ellen De showing her disdain and racist views towards Black people.

  5. The Bible says that women are not permitted to speak in church! God calls only men to preach and teach in the churches; therefore, it is a homosexual spirit that compels a woman to step into a place reserved for a God called man!

    • When reading the Bible it must be read in contextual content and one must understand what was the custom at that time. Actually when you read the whole chapter there was a specific problem in Corinth. The women were married and they were asked not to speak until they got home. Women were prominent as prophets in the old testament and the new testament in the Bible. God is loving and merciful and also the God of judgement. One must know that God is a God of wrath. Don’t make God angry. Don’ the touch God’s anointed.

    • My grandmother is a preacher and she fought hard to become one because of this stupid belief (not scripture) that woman can not preach. It’s like many other things in religion where there is no real basis other than culture.

  6. I can see that people are speaking against Pastor Kim Burrell but if you had the kind of love that you are implying about that she should have. You would not find yourself bashing, judging and critiquing as well. Have you tried praying for her?????

  7. Where is the video rant? I see a woman preaching to her congregation. There is a difference between what Donald Trump does on Twitter — a rant, and someone being taped while preaching at her church. She really is not saying anything different than what you hear at most churches. It’s just that many people don’t go to church so they are surprised when they really should not be. The fact here is that we have a clash of cultures and beliefs. It is hurtful to both groups. Religious groups really do feel some kind of way about the proliferation of out homosexuality, something they believe is a perversion and feel helpless in stopping. The world seems out of control to many in this group. The LGTB community has been stigmatized, sometimes beaten up, discriminated against and hated, and that is not right. We are all children of God, so I pray that we figure out a way to live together in this country without continually tearing each other apart.

  8. Christians are the biggest hypocrites. Humans suck because of psycho control freaks hiding behind religion and a book. Be good people instead; it’s free and easy. No tithings required. Stop pushing your bullshit on the masses and try getting/living an actual worthwhile life.

    • Kay so sorry that you feel so defensive about this. There are billions of Christians in the world. How many do you know? Yes, there are Christians who are not true to their faith, just like there are doctors who violate their oath to do no harm; police officers who break the very laws they are sworn to uphold; and lawyers who pervert justice. But we don’t stop calling the police when we get in trouble. Likewise, we don’t stop going to the doctor when we are sick, and we look for a lawyer when we need a good defense. So by the same token don’t paint all Christians with such a broad brush. All those who follow Islam are not terrorists. Let God be true and every man a liar. Kim Burrell may have gone to the extreme, but that does not diminish the truth she may have spoken. People do not like to hear the truth about themselves. Sexual perversion is a deviation from God’s original design. There are some universal taboos seen in all cultures for since the beginning of time, and homosexual/lesbianism happen to be one of them. The knowledge of this was Divine-hard wired into our DNA. Cultures that pre-date Christianity affirm. this.

  9. Either there is a God who condemns gay people because they have sex with other gay people and therefore these gay people will burn in hell and must be purged or converted to save the majority of society from God’s wrath…Or there is not a God who condemns gay people and therefore the people who speak out against homosexuality are just wrong,hateful and a threat to anyone practicing a lifestyle they consider a sin. We can all have our opinions but only one of these statements can actually be True. Our opinions of the truth is subjective but the truth itself is not.