The 20 Awesomest Kid’s Homework Answers

Kids are unfettered fountains of honesty and hilarity, even when it comes to school assignments. Here are the funniest homework answers ever turned in to the teacher.

Funny Homework Answer
Addition is hard.

Funny Homework
Good use of the word “butts.” 5 extra points.

Funny Homework
It’s important to have a healthy and active sex life, even at 100.

Awesome Kid's Homework
This is also his Mother’s Day card.

Awesome Kid's Homework Answers
The “Well, I never!” is implied in the teacher’s handwriting.

Funny Homework

Funny Math Homework Answer

Funny Kid's Homework
They sure do.

Let Friends Copy Your Homework!

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Hilarious Kid's Homework
Jeez, Dad.

Hilarious Kid's Homework
Basho was never so succinct at expressing annoyance.

Funny Kid's Homework
Phonics homework turned into an ethics assignment.

Funny Homework Title
It’s important to learn subtlety at a young age.

Funny Homework Answers
No one likes a cold Katherine.

Kid's Homework Answers
Traditional signs are no longer acceptable.

Star Wars Homework
This kid was raised right.

Homework Answers
Further evidence of good parenting.

Funny Homework Answers
This took an unexpected turn.

Kid's Homework Answers
The longest possible time before more church!

Awesome Homework Answers
The “…dumbass” is implied.

Funny Kid's Homework
Some issues are coming up here.

Let Friends Copy Your Homework!

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