Facebook Explains Why It Banned Kirk Cameron’s Ultra-Christian Movie


A few days ago, former child star Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) went on Facebook to tell his fans the company had blocked access to his new movie Unstoppable.

The social network claimed the content was “abusive,” “spammy” and “unsafe.” Cameron clearly took offense to this and was confused why something involving his faith would be considered insulting. Youtube followed a similar path, removingthe trailer from the search bar.


Facebook’s communication manager Michael Kirkland revealed to The Christian Post the reasons behind the ban.

Essentially, Cameron had purchased a domain name that had been previously marked as a spam site. Kirkland explained his team never updated the system to avoid an error like this. The exec’s official statement concluded that it was basically a mixup. Cameron’s profile was eventually restored and the trailer re-appeared on Youtube.

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Pardon the pun, but it looks like Cameron’s quest to promote his film was “unstoppable.” The outspoken actor has caused controversy before, but his efforts to advocate for his creation paid off. Unstoppable is backed by Liberty University and will screen for one night only. Check out the trailer below.

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