Anna Kendrick Burns Fan Asking for a Photo on Twitter

anna kendrick


Poor guy. All he wanted was a picture with Anna Kendrick after running into her at CVS.

And he got one.

Unfortunately, Anna wasn’t feeling it. He later saw her tweet:

Hey fellow humans, when u see me out picking up prescriptions and want to get a photo, can u b super cool and just not do that? Thank you!!

Aw well. Such is the price of fame.

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A photo posted on Reddit shows an it shows an abnormally buff boy lounging with a parrot (macaw?) and a monkey (macaque) on a beach while on vacation.

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  1. He asked to take her picture, not to take the pic so he could post it online and let everyone see what she looks like when she isn’t feeling well. I think Anna handled as she always dies, with wit and humor. If she just said, “No – I don’t feel well” she would be chided for not allowing him to take a picture. I see absolutely no problem with saying, “when u see me out picking up prescriptions and want to get a photo, can u b super cool and just not do that? Thank you!!”

  2. There was also a follow up tweet where she continued to joke. She is famous, sure, but she is also human. Leave her alone

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