Top 20 Best Funny Christmas Ornaments

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The best Christmas trees are the ones with unique, funny ornaments. We love it when a Christmas tree really expresses the personality of the homeowner, and showcases their unique sense of humor. While funny Christmas tree ornaments aren’t for everyone, those who opt for these off-beat ornaments are bound to get lots of compliments and laughs from their Christmas guests. Funny ornaments can entertain the kids, or add some laughs to an adults-only Christmas party. Whether you’re amused by raunchy ornaments, pop culture ornaments, or clever Christmas tree ornaments, there’s something on our list that’ll look great on your tree this year. You can’t have a merry Christmas without laughter. These funny Christmas ornaments will delight you and your family. You can browse more funny Christmas ornaments on sale here, or read on to see a carefully selected list of our favorite ornaments for Christmas 2016.

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1. Bud Light Six-Pack Miniature Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(Bud Light)

This Bud Light mini six-pack may not be drinkable, but it will still look great on your Christmas tree. If you wanted, you could even do a whole blue and white Bud Light tree theme. We’ve seen Bud Light can and Bud Light bucket Christmas ornaments, which would be great for a beer tree. This is definitely perfect for a tree in a college dorm, or in any home that loves beer and sports. No Bud Light drinkers in your house? No worries. There are lots of other beer-inspired Christmas ornaments that you could adopt instead. Browse a whole selection of beer lover’s Christmas ornaments here.

Price: $10.86

Buy the Bud Light Six-Pack Miniature Ornament here.

2. Funny Chemistry Definition Glass Christmas Ornament

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments

(Neurons Not Included)

This funny ornament from Neurons Not Included is ideal for families where chemistry is king…or for folks who just can’t get enough Breaking Bad. The ornament defines chemistry as “a natural science that can be broken down into two major categories — ‘blowing stuff up’ and ‘making drugs'”. Each ornament is handmade. The ornament measures 3 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. The ornament is made from glass, and is about 1/8 inch thick. It comes with a black velvet gift bag, so you can use this on your own tree, or present it as a gift or stocking stuffer.

No chemists in your family? Neurons Not Included has loads of other funny ornaments for the STEM crowd, which you can browse here. Either way, you should click through to see the product listing for this ornament, if only for the hilariously overwrought description of the manufacturing process. These guys definitely have a wicked sense of humor.

Price: $20.50

Buy the Funny Chemistry Definition Glass Christmas Ornament here.

3. Accoutrements Santaur Ornament

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments


It’s a Santa. It’s a centaur. It’s a Santaur. This funny ornament is perfect for people with a quirky sense of humor, or a deep love of Greek myths. This six inch ornament may be a little risqué for some, what with the bare-chested Santa and all. That being said, it’s a weird little addition to your Christmas tree, perfect for those who don’t want a stereotypical Christmas tree. If Santaur is still a bit weird for you, consider browsing more ornaments from Accoutrements here. Other ornaments we like from this company include this unicorn wearing lederhosen, and this banana slug ornament.

Price: $11.49 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Accoutrements Santaur Ornament here.

4. Design Toscano Bigfoot the Holiday Yeti Ornament

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments

(Design Toscano)

Calling all cryptozoologists. This silly ornament is perfect for believers in Bigfoot and the Yeti. Bigfoot is all tangled up in Christmas lights, and striking a pose familiar to viewers of the infamous Patterson–Gimlin film. This ornament is hand-cast using crushed stone that has been bonded with high quality designer resin. Each piece is individually hand-painted, so no two will be exactly alike. Not sure Bigfoot deserves a spot on your tree? Browse more Design Toscano creations here, including dragon and fairy ornaments.

Price: $15.99 for one ornament (Set of three for $28.67)

Buy the Design Toscano Bigfoot the Holiday Yeti Ornament here.

5. South Park Kurt Adler 5-Piece Resin Miniature Ornament Set

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments


Love South Park? This set of resin ornaments is definitely for you. This five-character set includes the four core boys, plus Chef. Kyle is hangin’ with Mr. Hankey, Chef looks like he’s serving up Salisbury steak (or possibly chocolate salty balls?), and Kenny is frozen to death. These are older style ornaments, so they look more like the hand-drawn characters from the show’s early years. Hang these ornaments on the tree, and then marathon some classic South Park Xmas episodes like Red Sleigh Down or Woodland Critter Christmas.

Already own these ornaments? There are lots of other South Park Christmas ornaments on sale, which you can browse here.

Price: $13.92 for the set (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the South Park Kurt Adler 5-Piece Resin Miniature Ornament Set here.

6. ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ Christmas Ornament

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments


Talking ornaments are always funny, and this ornament inspired by a Christmas movie classic is no exception. If you love Chevy Chase, this is a must-have. Simply press the button on the ornament to hear dialogue from this classic scene. There are lots of other ornaments inspired by characters and scenes from this movie, so check them all out here.

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Price: $18.76 (6 percent off MSRP)

Buy the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Christmas Ornament here.

7. Ralphie in Bunny Suit Ornament With Velvet Gift Bag

funny christmas ornaments, christmas ornaments, christmas tree ornaments


Love A Christmas Story? This cute Ralphie ornament will make you chuckle. This ornament is four inches tall, made of resin, but with a couple of fuzzy elements on the the bunny suit to give it added dimension. Want to give your whole tree the Christmas Story treatment? Browse more ornaments inspired by this holiday classic here.

Price: $8.77 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Ralphie in Bunny Suit Ornament with Velvet Gift Bag here.

8. NFL Zombie Christmas Hanging Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(Forever Collectibles)

I’m not really sure why zombies and football got mashed together to make this ornament, but it’s weirdly funny. This football ornament is perfect for the NFL fan in your house, as well as the zombie fans in your family. There are multiple team options available, so browse the whole selection via the link below and find the one that represents your favorite team.

Price: $14.95

Buy the NFL 2014 Zombie Christmas Hanging Ornament here.

9. Poop Emoji Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


What’s more 2016 than a poop emoji? This handmade ornament is made from felt, with a satin ribbon hanger. The ornament measures four inches square. It’s definitely gross, but it’s also cute. This is perfect for any millennials who are looking to decorate their tree with ornaments that speak to them. Love this ornament? Browse more emoji ornaments here, and make your whole tree look like a text conversation. You can also browse more felt creations from TuscanyCreative here.

Price: $12

Buy the Poop Emoji Ornament here.

10. BB-8 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


BB-8 is one of the funniest parts of The Force Awakens, and it’s hard for a fan to look at this cute little droid and not crack a smile. He would be funnier if he made noise, but alas, this ornament isn’t one that makes sound. Still, if you want to add a little Star Wars flair to your tree, this is a fun option. You can give BB-8 some friends by browsing more Star Wars ornaments on sale here. We also like this funny Stormtrooper ornament.

Price: $15.75

Buy the BB-8 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament here.

11. Santa Cam Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


This handmade ornament is designed to look like a camera lens. You can tell your kids that this ornament is always watching them, and reporting back to Santa about who is naughty or nice (sort of like the Elf on the Shelf). This glass ornament looks like a classic ball ornament, but definitely has an amusing twist. Each ball measures two and 5/8 inches wide.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Santa Cam Ornament here.

12. ‘Lick the Beaters’ Funny Christmas Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(Neurons Not Included)

This ornament is hilarious, and deserves a spot on your tree whether you have kids or not. This is a ceramic ornament that measures 2.85 inches in diameter. It’s another fun design from Neurons Not Included. Each ornament has been imprinted with earth friendly ink, and comes in a black velvet gift bag for easy gifting.

Price: $12.50

Buy the “Lick the Beaters” Funny Christmas Ornament here.

13. The Meticulous Whim Personalized Taco Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(the Meticulous Whim)

This goofy taco ornament is a handmade piece that can be customized. The front of the taco features google eyes and a felt smile. On the rear, you can request personalized text, such as a person’s name or the year. Each taco measures about four inches wide and an inch and a half tall. The hanging ribbon adds about three inches in length to the whole piece. We also love this designer’s handmade waffle ornaments.

Price: $15

Buy the Meticulous Whim’s Personalized Taco Ornament here.

14. Owl Is Calm Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


Ceramic artist Lennymud is famous for quirky, handmade home goods. This quirky ornament is ideal for those who find wordplay funny. This designer notes the ornament is about the size of a baseball. If you like this design and want to see more of the same, browse more ornaments from this designer here.

Price: $10

Buy the Owl Is Calm Ornament here.

15. Let it Snow Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


Another funny ornament from Lennymud, this ornament is perfect for anyone who wishes they were spending their Christmas at Winterfell. The front of the ceramic ornament reads “Let It Snow” while the back features a simple image of the Stark direwolf. Each ornament measures four inches in diameter with a 3/4 inch thickness. Want to see more designs like this? Browse more Game of Thrones Christmas tree ornaments on sale here.

Price: $10

Buy the Let it Snow Ornament here.

16. The Meticulous Whim Personalized Bacon Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(the Meticulous Whim)

The Meticulous Whim makes lots of cute, handmade ornaments, but there’s something inherently funny about these handmade bacon creations. Both the front and back can be customized with a name and/or date. Each bacon ornament measures five 1/4 inches tall, and just under two inches wide. A companion bacon plushie is also available. This is a funny ornament for anyone who loves bacon, or to give as a gag gift to your vegan friends.

Price: $11

Buy the Meticulous Whim Personalized Bacon Ornament here.

17. Island Heritage Surfing Santa Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(Island Heritage)

This surfin’ Santa is chuckle-worthy, especially if you spend your Christmases in cold weather states. Each ornament is hand-painted, which makes it more special. Inspired by Hawaii, this cute Santa is definitely going to make your kids laugh. If seeing Santa in summer outfits tickles your funny bone, browse similar Santa ornaments on sale here. This standing Santa surfer ornament is a similar option that’s also quite nice.

Price: $11.88

Buy the Island Heritage Surfing Santa Ornament here.

18. Ornaments To Remember Hot Dogs Hand-Blown Glass Ornament

funny christmas ornaments

(Ornaments To Remember)

This hot dog ornament from Ornaments To Remember is quirky and offbeat, especially because of all the glitter. The company’s ice cream cone ornament is also really unusual. Both are made from hand-blown glass, crafted by artisans in Europe. The ornament has a hanging height of about three and a half inches. This is a funny ornament for fans of ballpark hot dogs, or perhaps to give as a gift to a chef.

Price: $13

Buy the Ornaments To Remember Hot Dogs Hand-Blown Glass Ornament here.

19. Minions Christmas Ornaments (Set of 2)

funny christmas ornaments

(Kurt Adler)

Minions have millions of fans around the world. If you and your family love the Minions, then this set of two ornaments is a great addition to your family’s collection of ornaments. This set includes one Dave ornament and one Carl ornament. Both are wearing Santa hats. If you are Minion crazy and want lots of Minions on your tree, you can browse similar ornaments on sale here.

Price: $10.86 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Minions Christmas Ornament Set here.

20. Dirty Talking Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament

funny christmas ornaments


This ornament already looks funny, what with the big candy cane in between his legs. But appearances aren’t the only funny thing going on here. This saucy ornament also speaks one of four pre-recorded phrases:

–“Oh yeah? Well eat me!”
–“I got your North Pole right here!”
–“How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Gingerbread Man!”
–“Wanna Lick?”

This is definitely naughty, and may be an ornament you want to hang up high, where the kids can’t reach it and activate its dirty phrases. Batteries are included. If you like this ornament, you may also want to pick up this farting reindeer butt ornament.

Price: $12.95

Buy the Dirty Talking Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament here.

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