Sweets the bulldog loves to ride the motorcycle with her owner Christine Sutton. So when a fellow biker drives by, Sweets follows rider protocol and waves.

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Sadie was practicing Riptide by Vance Joy on her ukulele by filming herself, when suddenly her “God damn you cat” Cali jumps up and knocks over the camera.

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goldfish, george, brains surgery, melbourne, australia

A 10-year-old goldfish named George underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor at an Australia veterinary clinic.

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Just their owners being mean at finding their medically-induced delirium funny enough to post on YouTube.

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ant farm

Redditor MrHookup awoke to find a message spelled out for him by the ants in his ant farm. They dug tunnels to spell out a word in English for him.

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gary goat, jimbo, comedian

Gary the goat is a celebrity, more-so than his comedian owner Jimbo. The two drive around and get into adventures. Here they are in a croc-infested lake.

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Two Beagle puppies play as the American

From dogs, to cats, to birds, all animals have the potential to be a dick. Check out the funniest GIFs of animals knocking each other over and more.

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baby goat, goat stampede, funny videos

Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine recently welcomed 44 baby goats—or kids—into the world. They love to run after their humans and bleat. Watch the cute video!

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Cats. Felines. Kittens. Kitties. Whatever you call them, these pets are full of personality. Check out the funniest GIFs of cats caught on camera.

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cat, jenga

Moe the cat and owner Alan Palesko were enjoying a quiet night in when they decided to play the brick-taking game Jenga. And Moe is surprisingly good at it.

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