Here’s our recap of the crazy events that took place during The Walking Dead’s 12th episode airing during Season 5.

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AMC aired the first kiss between new homosexual characters on their hit zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead. Watch it here.

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Here’s our rundown of the 11th episode to air during the fifth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Put your love for “The Walking Dead” comic book series and TV show with this top 10 list of collectibles.

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Check out recap of the 10th episode for the 5th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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Check out the nail-biting highlights of the much-anticipated Season 5 mid-season premiere for “The Walking Dead.”

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This brief, 30-second teaser for the 2nd half of The Walking Dead is full of hype and mystery.

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Here’s the newest trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season.

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Show off your geek pride with these awesome iPhone 6 cases.

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These are undoubtedly the top 10 best mobile game offerings available across iOS and Android platforms!

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If you have a TV fan on your Christmas gift list, take a look at the best presents for them. Here are 10 of our picks from some of the most popular shows on TV.

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If you’re not “hip” to the culture, getting Christmas gift ideas can be a real drag. But, lucky for you that we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite geek.

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And we present to you, the recap of the midseason finale for “The Walking Dead’s” 5th season!

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Find out what happened to Daryl and Carol on this latest episode recap of “The Walking Dead!”

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Find out what went down between Abraham, Eugene and the rest of the group on the 5th episode of “The Walking Dead” for Season 5!

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Here’s our final roundup of the best panels to hit up during NYCC 2014! This time, these special events revolve around your favorite TV shows and upcoming movies.

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