Top 10 Personalization Apps for Android

Google Play has several personalization apps that make it easy to customize your Android device. Here’s a list of the top 10 personalization apps from Google Play.

1. Beautiful Widgets

Customize the look and feel of your home screen by using Beautiful Widgets. Browse through different sized clock widgets, weather widgets and forecast widgets. Beautiful Widgets allows users to change design, choose different layouts, set transparency for each widget or change the color of the text. Beautiful Widgets works with all Android systems but may need to have the latest update to get the best experience. You can download Beautiful Widgets from the Google Play Store here.

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2. Colourform (HD Widgets Themes)

HD Widgets released a Colourform theme pack that features over 50 different widgets, built for Jelly Bean and Android 4.2. Compared with standard HD widgets, everything is much cleaner. Color everything from icons, text and background to individual clock items. Choose from 50 different quick settings, which include WiFi signal strength and network name, weather stats, battery level and charge, and device storage. Please note Colourform (HD Theme Add on) will not work unless you have HD Widgets installed. You can download Colourform from the Google Play Store here.

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3. Simple Calendar Widget

If you’re looking for a simple calendar widget, then you should go with Simple Calendar Widget. Simple Calendar Widget app is one of the most powerful apps for the Android platform. Select different backgrounds, fonts, and choose different skins. Your agenda will look slick. You can download Simple Calendar Widget from the Google Play Store here.

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4. Evernote Widget


If you have Evernote app installed on your Android device, you will want to add the Evernote Widget app. The widget gives users easy access to popular Evernote functions. Select from two widgets: the small widget lets you add audio, text or snapshot notes; or you can use the larger widget, which will do all of that, plus show snippets of recently viewed notes. The latest version of Evernote is required in order to use the Evernote Widget app. You can download Evernote Widget app from the Google Play Store here.

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5. Fancy Widgets

Make your home screen look beautiful with a customizable clock, weather status, and forecast widgets. Users have the choice of using Google or AccuWeather forecast. See battery information on the widget and select different widget sizes. You can download Fancy Widgets from the Google Play Store here.

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6. Battery Widget Reborn (BETA)


Battery Widget Reborn is one of the best looking battery apps available for Android. Battery Widget Reborn offers battery usage stats, tells you when your battery is dying and how much of it is being used by apps, and has great power settings. The app even comes with auto flight mode to help save the battery. You can download Battery Widget Reborn (beta) from the Google Play Store here.

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Zedge has become one of the most popular personalization apps for downloading free ringtones and wallpapers. Set ringtones, notification sounds and wallpapers straight from the app. Use the Downloads tab to manage and organize downloaded items. Zedge will also suggests cool games to play on your Android device. You can download Zedge from the Google Play Store here.

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8. Go SMS Pro Emoji Plugin


By downloading Go SMS Pro Emoji plugin, users can add funny emoticons to iPhone or Android phones. Make sure to update the latest version of Go SMS Pro Emoji Plugin. Users can download Go SMS Pro Emoji Plugin from the Google Play Store here.

9. Backgrounds & Wallpapers HD


Browse more than 2,500 unique images handpicked by OGQ. The interface is user friendly and there is a huge selection of high-quality images to choose from including paintings, people, patterns, colorful, flowers, animals, sports, quotes, vintage, etc. Have fun personalizing your Android device with the Backgrounds & Wallpapers Android app. You can download Backgrounds & Wallpapers from the Google Play Store here.

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10. Go Launcher EX


Android app launchers, also known as home screen replacements, are extremely popular. Apps like Go Launcher EX can transform the way your handset looks and improve features and functionality. Choose from a large selection of themes, organize your apps into folders, resize widgets to any custom size, and hide private apps. You can download Go Launcher EX from the Google Play Store here.

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