Top 5 Best Podcast Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

2. DoggCatcher

doggcatcher android app

If you listen to podcasts while you’re on the go, Doggcatcher will be the perfect podcast manager to have on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Doggcatcher will not only automatically download new episodes, but it will delete podcasts once you listen to them. Use the built-in search engine to find your favorite podcasts, and check out recommended podcasts based on what you like. Users can also import existing feeds from Google Reader or an OPML file. If you listen to podcasts and need a podcast manager, Doggcatcher is well worth the price. You can purchase DoggCatcher Podcast Player from the Google Play Store here.


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samara ahmed mohamed

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When installed on the phone samsung galaxy grand duos why fail? Does not support this application on this phone?

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