How to Make Your Instagram Private in 3 Easy Steps

1. Go to Your Profile

Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner of your Instagram.

2. Edit Your Profile Settings

At the very top of your profile, click on the “Edit Your Profile” button.

3. Activate the Privacy Option

Scroll to the bottom and swipe on the “Posts are Private” slider.

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    • On your main page, hit the setting sign in the right upper corner to get to the Options. There, slide the button at Private Account.

  1. I want my things private but i would like my followers and ppl i follow to be able to see my post. Is there any way i can do that?

  2. Now this is not the way the new way is going to my profile and clicking the above 3 dot menu option then go to prive account that’s it

  3. If you will make Instagram private then you will never get followers. Keep your profile opened and use .Do not forget also to write hash-tags and so on.

    • I am using a laptop and there is no “gear” icon on here either. I won’t use my phone for anything other that calling or texting. Someone said on here that 3 dots in a line on Instagram will give the privacy option – wrong. All it gives is “log out” or “Cancel”. No help at all. I am in the UK, but don’t know if that makes it difficult either.