How to Use CM Security App to Protect Your Android Phone or Tablet


Here’s a guide on how to use CM Security app to protect your Android phone or tablet.

1. Download the CM Security & Find My Phone App


Head on over to the Play Store and download CM Security. Once the app has downloaded, open up the app and tap ‘Scan,’ which is located in the middle of the screen. CM Security will then scan all of the apps on your device to detect any viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware.

2. Scan SD Card


By tapping on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner, you can tap on ‘Scan SD Card.’ CM Security will then scan the external SD cards to detect any threats, and will alert you if any threats are detected.

3. Clean Up Junk

You can clean up junk on your Android phone or tablet by tapping on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner and tapping on ‘Clean Up Junk.’ You will then see what apps are taking up the most storage on your Android phone or tablet. Simply check the apps that you want to cache the junk and tap ‘Solve.’

4. Boost Memory

After you cleaned up the junk on your Android phone or tablet, you can then remove apps that are taking up space to boost the memory on your device. Just check the apps you want to remove and tap ‘Boost’ on the bottom of the screen. You can also enable ‘game boost’ to make sure the games on your device run smoothly.

5. Find Your Phone & Prevent Unwanted Phone Calls

One of CM Security’s best features is that you can locate your Android phone. You can either go to the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner and tap on ‘Find Phone,’ or you can visit You will need to logon to the website with your email address. CM Security will ask you to set a CM Security password and you will be able to locate your phone on a map. By tapping on ‘Yell,’ you can make the device yell to find it. The ‘Yell’ button will make your device play a loud sound for 60 seconds, even if your device is set to silent.

You can also lock your device to protect your privacy. If anyone tries to break into your phone and enters the incorrect password 3 or more times, the app will take a picture of the infiltrator. CM Security allows you to block unwanted phone calls. You can block unwanted phone calls by tapping tapping ‘Call Blocking.’ CM Security will then block all unwanted calls in your blocking blacklist.

6. Schedule Routine Scanning


To schedule a routine automatic scan, go to the ellipsis in the right-hand corner and tap on ‘Scheduled scan.’ You can then select if you want to do a routine automatic scan once a day, once a week or once a month.

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  1. WWell considering it shows several ads an hour plus i know it’s messing my phone up! I would love to keep the app but not like this

  2. CM Security allways find junk called: app junk.
    I push the clean button then I got messsge that it is succesfully cleaned. I start CM Security again. Everything is ok. After sometime when I start CM Security again I got although the message again that there is again app junk found on my phone.
    Is junk called app junk a special junk or is it generally meaning for junk? How can I find out from what app I got this junk? I found nothing in the scanreports.

    • CM security app is most useful app. I found it so good. I recommended everyone to please install this app which can found virus,malware & junk file also.
      i gave it ***** 5 star

  3. I accidentaly uninstall the CM security cant install it again it says error…what should i do?

  4. I accidendaly removed my sim with deactivating this application,now it does wanna open even if I put my password,how can I reset it or open it. Pls help

  5. I want to do away with A Z Apps and also having to enter a code at every turn. Please advose how I can accomplish this. Thankk=s, R. Spain

  6. The apps seems to work but I don’t like the pop up ads and I can’t find how to disable the lock app feature. The help menu is unhelpful.

  7. I’m unable to move photos from the vault to do I move it back???????
    It says there is an error.
    Plzz help……

  8. I’ve tried everything but i can’t get rid of my cm security there for i can’t get to my facebook please help me I need to get on facebook

  9. I lost my phone on a bus but it keep showing me the same location and that same location is where l live.. can my phone re program to help m track my phone

  10. Popup on incoming calls covers up number. Says you can answer this call . % of custometd have answered it…… How do I turn this ammoying popup off ? It covers up number and I csn not tell who is calling sincr popup has such small text .

    • I have this issue too and it’s so annoying!! I think I may have just fixed it but haven’t gotten calls to see if it worked. Go to Call Blocking, once there you’ll see tabs Blocked Calls and Block List…on top of Block List you’ll see a settings button click it and uncheck caller ID. Hope it works!

    • Solution:
      Install any Permission Manager app (e.g. App Ops). Open permission manager, click on CM Security and uncheck permission named “Draw on top”.. The annoying caller id pop up will stop popping.. 😊

  11. I’m having issues with some of my things being deleted off my phone such as pictures and I keep getting messages saying my sim card has been removed. It started once this app was downloaded. I have heard other users complain about having things deleted also. Please fix

    • mera ph nain hi gamagaya advertesment cancel karo aur mera account cm sequirty antivirus valut me image bi delete kardo pls pls

  12. I ,m worried about .because the cm give a massage a person how takes a picture on mobile .it is how to imposibale.please cleare it true please inform me.

  13. i want to. uninstall cm app lock off my phone. not one bit happy with it. can’t. txt as password numbers come up on the screen and phone don’t seem to be working properly

    • Solution:
      Install any Permission Manager app (e.g. App Ops). Open permission manager, click on CM Security and uncheck permission named “Draw on top”.. The annoying caller id pop up will stop popping.. 😊

    • Swipe from right to left on CM Security home screen.. Click Call Blocking.. Click the Gear Icon on right top corner.. Uncheck call blocking.. 😊

  14. I want cm security find manager communicater contact no. Its urgent I lost my phone but I don’t know how to trace by address

  15. I forgot unlock pattern of cm security applock. I can’t open applications which are locked with cm security. Now what will I do.

  16. WOW lots of user questions yet not a single answer. no help section on their website either .. NOTHNG .. well of course lots of shameless self promotion and tooting of their own horns. meanwhile we all have valid questions to which we can find NO SOLUTIONS.

    Boast all you want about how many downloads you have. Just make sure the total includes all the UNINSTALLS whether accidental or intentional although I have seen MANY FRUSTRATED USERS wanting instructions for that but of course, to no avail.

    Every software manufacturer offers help to consumers. why does cheetah mobile hide from theirs?

    give your users help or say bye bye .. saving the cheetah? yeh thats sweet. how bout you save your asses by providing a help section first?

    Just one users opinion.

  17. Need with my phone… I have CM Security… but for some stupid reason I can’t use my phone cause it is asking for The Privacy Protection Password. This was never set up on my phone so I have no clue how to get it turned off so I can use my phone… it is really pissing me off. I have tried wiping the data and doing a factory reset… but it still the password is needed. Any suggestion on what I can do to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I am putting in the password for my phone and apparently it’s not correct, even though it’s the right password, so i am locked out of my phone and when i say forgot password it doesn’t do anything. ive tried everything. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH BE CAREFUL GUYS