How to Use CM Security App to Protect Your Android Phone or Tablet


Here’s a guide on how to use CM Security app to protect your Android phone or tablet.

1. Download the CM Security & Find My Phone App


Head on over to the Play Store and download CM Security. Once the app has downloaded, open up the app and tap ‘Scan,’ which is located in the middle of the screen. CM Security will then scan all of the apps on your device to detect any viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware.

2. Scan SD Card


By tapping on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner, you can tap on ‘Scan SD Card.’ CM Security will then scan the external SD cards to detect any threats, and will alert you if any threats are detected.

3. Clean Up Junk

You can clean up junk on your Android phone or tablet by tapping on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner and tapping on ‘Clean Up Junk.’ You will then see what apps are taking up the most storage on your Android phone or tablet. Simply check the apps that you want to cache the junk and tap ‘Solve.’

4. Boost Memory

After you cleaned up the junk on your Android phone or tablet, you can then remove apps that are taking up space to boost the memory on your device. Just check the apps you want to remove and tap ‘Boost’ on the bottom of the screen. You can also enable ‘game boost’ to make sure the games on your device run smoothly.

5. Find Your Phone & Prevent Unwanted Phone Calls

One of CM Security’s best features is that you can locate your Android phone. You can either go to the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner and tap on ‘Find Phone,’ or you can visit You will need to logon to the website with your email address. CM Security will ask you to set a CM Security password and you will be able to locate your phone on a map. By tapping on ‘Yell,’ you can make the device yell to find it. The ‘Yell’ button will make your device play a loud sound for 60 seconds, even if your device is set to silent.

You can also lock your device to protect your privacy. If anyone tries to break into your phone and enters the incorrect password 3 or more times, the app will take a picture of the infiltrator. CM Security allows you to block unwanted phone calls. You can block unwanted phone calls by tapping tapping ‘Call Blocking.’ CM Security will then block all unwanted calls in your blocking blacklist.

6. Schedule Routine Scanning


To schedule a routine automatic scan, go to the ellipsis in the right-hand corner and tap on ‘Scheduled scan.’ You can then select if you want to do a routine automatic scan once a day, once a week or once a month.

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  1. Not sure exactly how call blocking is supposed to work, but the numbers in my list are still getting through to my voicemail.

  2. Why does this app locks & freeze my phone & is there a way to stop it from doing it? It blocks calls that I need to receive.I have tried to find a solution for this like ASAP!! I’m not sure if this is causing disconnecting during calls even though I’m not moving from room to room?? What I do know is, if this continues to happen I’m uninstalling it & finding another antivirus.

  3. PLEASE HELP ME! I can’t use my tablet since I got cmsecurity app. It has got me pretty upset. I do not have it installed on my phone yet please call me if possible. Phone no: 928-706-6000.

  4. Why does phone identify me the owner as a person tryi g to get into my phone with all the identity theft this could be a class action lawsuit it is dfaming and demeaning to a person character when you are the owner if the phone.

  5. Why does CM security identify me as the person who hack my account when based on my social drivers license, my receipt I am the owner of the phone including my credit card statement with identity theft on the rise and thus being a security company we may need a class action lawsuit to combat this it is totaling embarrassing and humiliating especially when you know you are not hacking your own phone. when it rings who answers it me not the I’d thrives Sue class action

  6. Having a problem now I forgot my owner cm app.lock restore my password.I used my user open my phone.please. Notify me

  7. If i have cm security and take my sim card in another phone will the security be on the new phone or do i have to download it to the new phone and will i be notified that i took my sim card out

  8. The yell function on the Find My Phone feature does NOT yell for 60 secs. It yells for 2 secs and then goes to silence. Very disappointing — but what do you expect for free??