Top 5 Arcade Games for iPhone
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Top 5 Arcade Games for iPhone

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Arcades are where the original gamers were born. There’s nothing like the feeling of plugging coins into a worn-down machine with sticky controls and trying to get the high score. You don’t have to fight 12 year old kids to get a next turn while your shoes stick to the floor. Play arcade games from the comfort of your own couch. Go ahead, pour yourself some soda and try to get the high score.

1. Jetpack Joyride

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If you’ve never played Jetpack Joyride, you are really missing out. Play as Barry Steakfries as he tries to escape a lab on a jetpack. The mechanics of the game are easy, just tap the screen to go up or down and avoid rockets the scientists are sending at you. Collect the coins along the way to upgrade your jetpack and fly faster and higher. This side-scrolling game seems easy but completing missions to level up can be difficult. Add upgrades to pull in more coins or block anything trying to stop you.


  • Plenty of upgrades to choose from
  • Easy and fun gameplay
  • Missions are fun and challenging


  • Sometimes delayed mission updates
  • Can be hard to complete certain missions
  • A lot of the same kind of mission in a row

Download for iPhone here.

2. Jaws Revenge

free arcade games, new iphone apps

Jaws Revenge gives you the chance to be the bad guy. Play as the shark to take down anything from fish to divers to hangliders that stand in your way. The game gives you certain missions to complete before you hit the check mark. This can be anything from doing eight high jumps or eating six surface swimmers. The more missions you complete the more shark teeth you’ll get that you can use later to level up and upgrade your shark. Cause more damage and eat as much as your shark stomach will allow.


  • Realistic graphics
  • Fun and attainable missions
  • Side-scrolling gameplay


  • Movements can be repetitive
  • Sometimes doesn’t save progress
  • Ads

Download for iPhone here.

3. Racing Penguin

free arcade apps, iphone games

You play a penguin in this sidescrolling game who is being chased by a polar bear. Slide on your belly and soar through the air before he catches up to you and turns you into a snack. Simply hold down to slide and release to sort of fly at the top of the hills. The more speed you get the further you’ll soar. Move through a series of different levels in various areas to become the penguin master of the world. Turns out penguins love sliding on sand in the Sahara. Collect fish along the way to buy upgrades later in the game.


  • Easy one control gameplay
  • Cute animation
  • Lots of levels to get through


  • Controls can be repetitive
  • Ads
  • Can’t unlock Multiplayer in free version

Download for iPhone here.

4. Into the Dead

free iphone games, new arcade games, Into the Dead

Zombies have risen and you’re the only survivor you can see. It is up to you to fight back and survive in this scary and exciting game. It’s a first-person running game where you see how many meters you can make before you’re caught by a zombie. Choose to either tap the screen or tilt the phone to avoid the undead and find crates with prizes in them. Collect ammo and guns to get the walkers out of your way so you can make it to safety. Work to beat your high score and collect more coins to upgrade your weapons or even add different kinds of zombies.


  • Interesting and scary graphics
  • Cool upgrades to guns and zombies
  • Can choose controls


  • Banner ads at the bottom
  • Some upgrades use real money
  • Takes a long time to build up enough coins to buy more guns

Download for iPhone here.

5. Angry Gran Run

arcade games, free iphone apps, Angry Gran

As the title suggests, Gran is very angry and is has just broken out of the Angry Asylum and she needs your help to run to freedom. Help her run, jump and slide to avoid obstacles and bash the punks that are trying to stop you. Collect coins to buy crazy costumes and faster runners for Gran, and grab all the letters in Madness to receive an extra prize at the end of your run. The further you go the more insane things you’ll run into like dinosaurs and aliens. Don’t let them stop you from achieving your goal of angry freedom.


  • Easy gameplay
  • Silly animation
  • Fun missions to complete


  • Ads
  • Scenes repeat themselves after awhile
  • Upgrades cost a lot of coins

Download for iPhone here.

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