Samsung Washing Machine Recall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The last thing Samsung needs after the Galaxy Note 7 recall is… another recall. Unfortunately, that’s what they’ve got.

1. 34 Models Are Affected, and Were Sold From March 2011 to November 2016

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Samsung’s Smart Care washer and dryer are on display at the 2013 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center Many of the top-loading washers are being recalled due to injuries. (Getty)

The models are all top-loading washing machines from Samsung, and a list can be found here. Consumers can check to see if their model is affected by looking at the labels found attached to the rear of the machine. If you think your machine has been recalled, try to contact Samsung immediately with your serial number.

Since the recall affects washers over five years and 34 models, Samsung will be dealing with the aftermath for a long time — much longer than the Galaxy Note 7, most likely.

2. What Do Consumers Do With Their Recalled Machines?

There are three options for consumers who currently own a recalled washing machine. First, anyone who believes their machine has been recalled should contact Samsung immediate, the CPSC said.

1. The first option is to schedule a free in-home repair from Samsung, which would also extend the manufacturer’s warranty for a year. The repair would reinforce the top of the machine.

2. The second option would be to receive a rebate to use to purchase another washing machine. According to the CPSC, it doesn’t have to be a Samsung machine, and the company will cover installation of the new until and removal of the old one.

3. The third and final option is a full refund. However, the CPSC reported, this potion is only available for those who purchased their machine within 30 days of the recall notice being posted.

3. Out of 733 Reports, Nine Injuries Have Been Reported So Far

samsung washing machine recall, washing machine recall, samsung recall

A washing machine is featured at the home appliances section at the booth of South Korean electronics giant Samsung ahead of the opening of the 55th IFA electronics trade fair in Berlin. (Getty)

Samsung has received 733 reports of washing machines that have had issues with “excessive vibration” or the top actually detaching for the rest of the chassis, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Out of those 733 reports, nine included serious injuries, including a broken jaw, injured shoulder and “other impact or fall-related injuries,” reported the CPSC.

4. 2.8 Million Machines Are Being Recalled, More Than the Galaxy Note 7

samsung washing machine recall, washing machine recall, samsung recall

Samsung’s Flex Duo Range, Samsung’s Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine with ACTIVWash+ and Samsung CycloneForce sensor bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners are displayed at a press event for Samsung at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Many of the companys top loading washing machines are being recalled. (Getty)

The number of washers recalled has far exceeded the number of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones recalled last month by the same company. While there were around 1.9 million Galaxy Note 7’s recalled last month, according to The New York Times, there are 2.8 million washing machines, sold over the course of five years and spanning 34 models, being recalled now.

This recall seems a bit less urgent, however, since washing machine malfunctions aren’t quite as immediate an issue as phones catching fire in users’ pockets.

5. Last Time Something Like This Happened, Repairs Were Sub-Par

According to The New York Times, Samsung went through a similar recall in 2013 for a measly 144,000 washing machines. This was in Australia, not the U.S., and the machines were causing fires, not throwing detaching lids around.

Apparently, the repairs that Samsung sanctioned were sub-par, and involved using plastic bags to cover some connectors, The New York Times reported.

The unsatisfactory repairs led a group of 4,000 owner of the recalled washing machines to create a Facebook group aimed at raising money for an expert to look at the fixes, said The New York Times. That expert said that the plastic bag fixes were not sufficient.

Hopefully Samsung does a little more with this round of recalls.

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  1. Samsung is only offering me $45 to replace my washer with another brand and $145 if I replace it with another Samsung. I also have problems with rust forming around the bleach dispenser and above the soap dispenser. I purchased my machine in 2012. The rust started when it was one year old.

    • I got the same rebate offer, and I do feel bad as well. I also purchased mine around May of 2012 at $599. Terrible choice on my part as the clothes always come out wrinkled and smelly – now to learn that it could be explosive as well. Plan to purchase a front-load washer soon with the measly rebate, but never again Samsung!

  2. I bought the topline Samsung washer in September of this year. I went online and filed a claim. I have since purchased an LG Washer and wil l be getting a $643 refund. Cost of the new washer (40% of sale at Lowes) was $499 + whatever costs will be for installation and removal. I would imagine when I send in the paperwork, I will be limited to the actual cost of the new washer as I purchased the Samsung on sale for $599 I consider this fair treatment and feel OK about it.

    • Same thing here I get thru to anyone even sent an email bought mine April 2016, I just want it fixed. Just bought the Dryer a couple day’s ago. Lets hope they are ok.

    • After using the drop down for the model number, the first 5 digits of the serial number popped up and I had to complete the serial number. I got the info off the back of my washer.

  3. I purchased a Samsung top load washer in 2014. Ever since we purchased it we’ve dealt with extreme vibration during spin and rinse cycle and it progressively got worse to the point we couldn’t use it for nearly two months. We were faced with repairing it or taking a complete loss of the nearly $500 cost, and we couldn’t go without a washing machine any longer We saw reports of the issue online and on the news and called Samsung in September 2016 to ask if there was a recall on the product. They said at the time it was a safety concern and they recommended a certified Samsung repair man in the area that came out and replaced the suspension rods for $403. Nearly the original cost of the washing machine. Weeks later Samsung issues a Recall and now they are not willing to entertain the idea of a refund (full or partial) for what they are now replacing for free. NEVER AGAIN will we purchase a Samsung product of any sort, and if anyone has any information or direction related to a class action suit on consumers being refunded for our out of pocket repairs expense, it would be much appreciated. Our repair was so close to the recall date that I have a very hard time believing Samsung wasn’t aware of the upcoming recall and was continuing to direct consumers to repair technicians in order to minimize their own upcoming repair costs.

  4. Mine is less than a year old, and purchased originally for $699. I am only being offered $396, and $496 if I replaced with samsung again. I went out and bought a Whirlpool, but had to shell out an extra $225. For sure, I am NOT buying another samsung. I so sick of Samsung, LG, and all these korean manufactures building crap. And of course, I won’t get any rebate check till 4-6 weeks…

  5. Samsung only offered me $25! I, too have the rust issue around the soap dispenser.

    I have a house full of Samsung products including televisions and appliances. I will never purchase another Samsung product.

    I consider their offer of $25 insulting and not worth the bother of filling out forms and then waiting 6 weeks for the money.

    Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order.

  6. I haven’t heard anything on when we should get the information needed to exchange our washer. Is there any way to find out?

  7. We had one of the recalled models and in March the machine faced the same issues. So much so that we had a guy come in from Samsung to estimate the cost (about $700) of repair which were way higher than the cost of the machine itself. Called Samsung after the recall announcement , they said they can’t do anything about it since we don’t have the machine with us anymore.
    My concern is we faced the same problem as the recalled models due to which had to let go of the machine after 2 and a half years of use and had to bear the unnecessary cost of buying a new machine (as ours was out of warranty).

    Samsung your machine was bad and you realized it late ( had faced similar issue as the plaintiff of New Jersey case faced…our bad luck we didn’t file a case against you).

  8. I recently purchased a top loading samsung washer at Home Depot (March 2016) started having the spin cycle issues. Called Home Depot, they told me to call samsung for a service call. I had no idea of the recall. My washer is one of the effected. Filled in the form with the help of the agent over the phone. I was entitled to $675 plus the haul away fee. Purchased a front loader hopefully it will not turn out to be recalled as well. So far as happy as I can be with the situation. Also not going to use the machine until the new one comes, as the one I have turned into the Tazmanian devil.

  9. A Dish Network technician came to my home to perform what was advertised as an easy, free in home repair. My 1 year old unit was in working order prior to the service call, but would not operate after he left. It took a week for Samsung to authorize an actual appliance repairman to come to my home. He came 4 separate times only to ultimately deem the machine irreparable. I was told by Samsung that I was approved for a refund or exchange, but would need to submit my sales receipt and follow their protocol. Several days later I learned that I would only receive the purchase price, not the cost to actually replace the unit with a comparable machine. I have been without a washing machine for 18 days and counting. I have taken 4 days off of work, traveled back and forth during the work week to meet the repair technician, paid laundromat expenses, and spent countless hours on the phone with both DISH and Samsung trying to resolve this issue. Dish has refused to take any responsibility. Samsung has offered a formal apology after I filed a complaint with the BBB, but continues to refuse to provide me with the current retail value for a comparable replacement.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  10. I sent all of the required paperwork for a rebate over 7 weeks ago. I was told there is department to help with tracking.My advice, stay away from Samsung products

  11. samsung is draging their heels on the rebate!!!after jumping through all the hoops on line forms hard to print,peeling off, imposible to move stickers,and buying new washer out right.10 weeks still no $250. on my $600. piece of crap year old samsung!! pay up!!

  12. Shitty Samsung, brought on oct. 2014, rip on sept 2015 :( now they wont do anything since i don’t got it anymore.

  13. Anyone ever get their rebate, looking everywhere online, appears nobody is getting paid. My guess is they will not pay any of them and just settle a class action suit which their insurance will pay, then you will get your portion of the lawsuit funds…probably around $7. In the meantime, plenty of people are actually buying a new samsung since they need the additional loyalty rebate amount to help with the cost of a new washer.

    • Nope. 9-10 weeks later and i’m still getting the run around on my check. I feel like throwing this washer out the window! I so resent it now.

      • i just received my rebate check. I sent my paperwork in the end of December certified mail. They received it 12/24/16 and my check is dated 1/25/17. They told me I would receive up to 545.00 if I purchased another Samsung model plus the cost to remove the old machine. I had paid 699.00 for the original exploding washer. My new washer was 529.00 but they (the store) insisted I buy new braided hoses for 19.99. Delivery, hook up and haul away was 79.99 and tax at 8.75%. Samsung sent me 608.99 which is the cost of the new washer and the delivery, hook up haul away cost without tax or hoses . I’m just happy to have received a check.

    • Just got my rebate check of $410. I did mine in mid Nov 2016. so about 2 1/2 month. They reimbursed me $399 + $11 for the removal of the old washer. I opted for the non samsung replacement, so got a bit less. I love my new whirlpool side load washer… No more spin issues.

  14. SLC UPDATE!!!!! I purchased a top loader in March, was in the recall. Purchased a front loader December 6, 2016. Just delivered today Jan 9, 2017. Placed on sheet in for a test, all the water ran right out filled the pedestal, and flooded the floor. Not to happy with the product or the extended wait for delivery. Replacement not available for another 3 weeks. No amount of rebate covers the problems almost ready to purchase a competitor brand.

  15. Hey Heavy, do us a favor and make the exception of adding a 6th fact – THE SAMSUNG REBATE IS A LIE! They’ve been giving everyone the runaround. This is my 9th week waiting for my rebate check, and according to them “they haven’t received it” and I should wait. Or as a few other reps told me, “I did give you an option – keep waiting!”, and then the best one yet which was, “i’m sorry but they don’t want to take your call. Every time we get calls like these, they tell us not to transfer them. So let me give you the direct number to call”. Wow! lol. I really got duped into buying a new washer after buying a new one just 11 months ago. Smh

  16. We were told to send in our receipt and that we would be reimbursed for our 2012 Samsung washer which was also rusted out around the whole drum!! So, we purchased an LG and now we are being told that we will only get $45.00. Samsung should not get away with faulty information like this! Their customer service representative(s) should’ve known not to promise a rebate for the full amount of what we had paid in February 2012, which was $499.00. How can they get away with this? Now are stuck paying this! We are so frustrated with Samsung and we will make sure everyone knows that their word can not be trusted, or their brands.

  17. They’re don’t completely disclose the things they don’t reimburse: delivery fees, parts necessary for new installation, or taxes. This fiasco cost us $130. We’ll not purchase Samsung products ever again!

  18. What!!!!! They only sent me $49.99 for my refund. This is the worst company for me. I have several samsung products and they all have problems. I am sick of getting fooled into buying the products from this company. I hope they rot in hell. They said I would get a full refund for my replacement new washer and only sent $49.99. What a joke. I will definalty file a suit against them. People don’t buy their products. At one time they were a good company but now they are the worst. They also lie about the refunds.

  19. Has anyone received their washing machine rebate yet? They said it would be 4-6 weeks. I’ve now been waiting 12 weeks and when you call the number they don’t seem to have any idea how much longer it will be.

  20. I bought my washer for about $600 in Summer 2016. Accidentally found out about recall – overheard someone talking about it. Samsung never contacted me. I bought a really basic replacement (about $400) which is all the non-Samsung rebate would (almost) cover. I submitted all the forms in November 2016. I started checking in at week 5 and keep getting the run around: in progress, this is the wrong department, call back later. Now in week 12. Total absolute BS.

  21. We purchased samsung washer in November 2015, and was offered a new machine after the recall. We ordered the new Samsung machine and it was delivered on January 17, 2017 the other was taken away. Our bill from Lowes was total $647.65. We sent all the paperwork in the same day. Our rebate check was for $611.80 received on February 17, 2017 Samsung did refused to pay the TAX. So we did end up paying tax twice plus and had to wait for the rebate to come in. Samsung should have made a deal with the stores that sold the product to take care of everything. Charging it on a credit card and hoping the rebate check got here before the interest charge was irritating, but it did come. I did call Samsung almost every week after I sent my paperwork in to see what the status was on the rebate. However I don’t think we’ll ever purchase Samsung product again.

  22. Here is some food for thought. I bought a set of Samsung (washer and dryer) in 2013. The washer is in recall and I checked the number and obediently informed them it was in recall. They sent me stickers to place over the cycle controll…strange I thought for a problem needing just reinforcement, but I placed the sticker on the dial and they then sent a DISH (yes the cable company) tech over to do the “fix” He carried in a couple of metal straps and went to work…but what he did was cut some wires in the back behind a small panel. After he left I started a load of clothes and went back in an hour to put them in the dryer….but there were lights flashing and the machine was still locked…so I turned it off and opened it up to find the clothes still in the wash water. That was over a month ago. I called and got a Samsung tech who would not work on my machine because it is in a small space (modular home utility space) and he left. I was told by Samsung that I had to move my dryer out of that area and move the washer forward so the tech could get behind it. ( I forgot to mention that I am alone, and 74 yrs old woman) but I did find someone to move the appliances around. While I was looking at the back of the washer I saw that a wire was cut and taped. Now I am wondering…is this the routine…the Dish tech comes in and maybe puts braces on (I didn’t see any) but his real job is to cut that wire and disable the machine. Then the Samsung tech comes in and puts in new cycles, he is bringing a pump and some other parts…is this even going to be anything like the machine I bought? I have photos of the cut wire. I told the Samsung tech that I saw the cut wires and he seemed surprised and called the DISH tech the “cut and run” guy. What a mess but for what it is worth…this is what happened with my “in home fix” and possibly with yours.

  23. I got my rebate but it too was short. Also they wouldn’t pay for the hoses that the law says have to be replaced no matter the age. Only $30. But they shorted my rebate so they really screwed me big time . I lost about $400.00 on this recall. Of course I was smart enough to buy LG not Samsung. Maybe that is why they shorted my rebate.

  24. I chose the refund because I purchased another brand washer. Ticks me off because I paid about $1300 for the washer & dryer & now my machines don’t match! Ack! It’s been 4 weeks & no refund.

  25. Samsung is and has been scamming money from the public, RECALLS that takes months to be repaired or replaced and the company customer service refuse to reply to the consumer when they do all the customer gets is a run around.