Cyber Monday: Save 63% on August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Looking for a way to upgrade your home with high-tech touches without difficult installation? We’ve found this deal on the August Smart Lock, which is 63 percent off – a savings of nearly $95 – for Cyber Monday.

UPDATE: This deal has sold out. This model is still available via the links in this post, but savvy shoppers may also be interested in these alternative, similar smart lock products:

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave (20% off today)
ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad Electronic Smart Deadbolt (20% off today, some shoppers may be served a targeted discount for an additional $24 off, based on past Amazon shopping patterns)

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What is the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is a smartphone-enabled keyless home entry system, also known as a smart door lock. Unlike other similar solutions, the August Smart Lock is made to fit over your existing deadbolt rather than be installed in place of it.

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Included in the box are three different deadbolt adapters to match various brands. Simply remove the back side of your existing deadbolt, determine which adapter works best, and install the August Smart Lock in its place. After pairing your smartphone using the August app, the door will automatically unlock when you arrive so you don’t have to put down anything you might be carrying to fish out your keys.

You also have the ability to create guest keys, which can be revoked at any time. This is handy for dog walkers and house sitters, as well as anyone else you trust. It’s also not much bigger than a deadbolt, which keeps the look of your door clean and tidy and requires no additional hardware. Four AA batteries provide 3-6 months of use.

august smart lock deadbolt compatability chart

How safe are smart door locks?

There are two aspects to this question: 1. The physical locking component and 2. The online component.

The August Smart Lock has advantages over other options in both of these categories, depending on your opinion of common deadbolts. Since the August installs onto a traditional deadbolt front, they’re every bit as physically secure as any other deadbolt. This also has the advantage of not alerting people on the outside of your house to the fact that you’re using a smart door lock that could, in theory, be hackable.

You can still use your key to open it if the batteries die, and it retains the simple hand operation on the inside, as well. In addition, the August offers Door Sense, which will tell you whether or not your door lock is open or closed, which is an improvement over traditional deadbolts.

In terms of digital safety, the August is a Bluetooth-only device until you add other components. If you’re generally comfortable with Bluetooth security in your everyday life, this does not introduce any other complicating factors like a wi-fi connection that could make it easily addressable remotely. As soon as you approach your door and your Bluetooth connects to it, it will unlock, but to unlock it remotely requires additional hardware.

Which smart door locks work with Ring and Alexa?

Speaking of that additional hardware, it is possible to integrate the August Smart Lock with Alexa. To do that, you’ll also need the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and an Alexa device, which could be something like the Amazon Echo Dot or even the Petcube Bites 2, both of which are on sale for Cyber Monday.

As of right now, the Smart Lock works with Apple, Google, and Alexa, and will soon integrate with Ring devices.

Other options, like the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, which is both more expensive and requires the removal of your entire current deadbolt, integrates with Ring and Alexa and is 14 percent off today. So does the Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock, which also offers fingerprint scanning, unique PIN pad technology, and more, but isn’t on sale for Cyber Monday and requires full installation.

Ultimately, the August Smart Lock is a great combination of easy installation, security, convenience, and price. Alternatively, you could opt for the August Smart Lock Pro & Connect Wi-fi Bridge Bundle, which is 57 percent off today, saving you $160.

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