Cyber Monday Deal: Up to 40% Off Beats Headphones

beats headphones cyber monday deal


Bass-heads rejoice. The Beats By Dre brand is offering some tantalizing discounts for Cyber Monday 2020, with some of their top models seeing discounts upwards of 40 percent off MSRP. Read on below to browse some of the best deals, as they won’t last long.

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20% Off Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphone

With their comfortable fit, 9-hour battery life, and sweat-resistant coating, the Powerbeats Pro are the ideal workout companion. And for a limited time, you can take an extra $50 off MSRP. That makes these considerably more accessible to those who are just embarking down the path of true wireless earbuds.

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40% Off Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

The Beats Solo3 might be one of the most popular pairs of wireless headphones of all time. Whether you love or hate their bass-heavy signature sound, you can’t argue with a good ‘ol fashioned Cyber Monday discount either. You can get these cans for 40 percent off MSRP currently, which is a great deal for such a versatile pair of headphones. They sound deep and clear enough to make your music shine but their other main selling point is a 40-hour battery life. That’s more music than you can listen to in a day!

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23% Off Beats Solo Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Beats Solo Pros might look a lot like the Beats Solo3, but they have one key differentiator: noise-canceling. The Beats Solo Pros use active noise canceling to block external distractions while you jam out. Otherwise, you have the same great sound and Cyber Monday discount as the Solo3s. If you share a workspace or study space, then this is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

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40% Off Beats EP On-Ear Headphones

Although wireless headphones are on track to outright replace wired headphones, traditional cans like the Beats Ep On-Ear Headphones will always have a place in the hearts of the value-conscious audiophile. As Beats’ entry-level set, I should probably not use the A-word, but wired audio delivers a higher quality sound for less money and facts are facts. The Cyber Monday discount of 40 percent off MSRP makes these an even bigger temptation for value shoppers. Just be sure your phone still has a 3.5 mm jack before you lock these in.

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Are Beats Headphones Any Good?

So everyone loves a good Cyber Monday deal but apparently, not everyone loves Beats headphones. But are Beats headphones any good or is the hate totally unsubstantiated? For a thorough analysis, Consumer Reports cuts straight to the point. Beats headphones deliver solid audio with a slightly bass-heavy sound that makes them great for the listener on the go.

The one place that the Beats By Dre brand falls particularly short is price value. Given the notoriety of their brand, the name recognition comes at a premium price. This has always been the case but it became even more pronounced when Apple bought the company in 2014. As it stands now, they are still a solid purchase any time they go on sale, which happens to be the case for Cyber Monday 2020.

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