6 Best Cyber Monday Grow Light Deals (2020)

Looking for Cyber Monday grow light deals? Look no further. Read on to discover the best Cyber Monday grow light deals available right now.

Or check out our guide to the best LED grow lights available right now!

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What's the deal with the Mars Hydro Black Friday sale 2020?

It's pretty huge -- and it continues right now, on Cyber Monday 2020! Check out our review above. You can save big on their LED grow lights right now.

These LED grow lights are pretty sweet. You can daisy-chain up to 15 of these lights, while still being able to conveniently control all of them with one main light.

This 3000W full spectrum discount LED grow light is perfect for an area of 5'x5' when you're in veg, and 4'x4' when your plants are flowering.

These lights are also quiet. The lights board design means these are fan-less (while still efficiently dispersing heat), so you won't have a super noisy grow room.

These include an easy dimming function for further customization.

Plus, just look at how much you can save. These lights show a list price of nearly $700 -- which means you can save 45% thanks to this amazing Mars Hydro Black Friday 2020 grow lights deal, now available on Cyber Monday 2020.

Are these the best Cyber Monday 2020 grow lights deals available today?

It depends what kind of grow light you need. Today, most growers are looking for LED grow lights. (They save tons of energy, compared to traditional HPS, and they don't get as hot.)

Consider your energy bill, and what kind of space you're working with.

If you click on any of the products reviewed above, you'll find what square footage they're recommended for. (Note: When your plants are in bloom, the ideal square footage per light is smaller. Plants require more light when they're flowering.)

Today, most growers use full spectrum LED grow lights. All the grow lights included above are full spectrum -- and you can save big for Cyber Monday 2020.

Most of them are dual-switch lights, which makes it easy to switch to the ideal wavelengths for flowering plants, when you're ready to flip your room.

If you're working on a larger scale, check out our guide to professional LED grow lights.

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