First Look at the New Wolverine Film

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The Wolverine, Marvel’s second film about the X-man with the metal claws, began shooting this morning, and already we have some behind the scenes footage of the entire set and what looks like a hectic action piece playing out.

The film chronicles Logan’s time in Japan, fighting ninjas and encountering a situation, similar to the Origins film, concerning a love interest. It’s based on Wolvie’s first solo comic-book run in the 80’s when Chris Claremont (The Dark Phoenix Saga) and Frank Miller turned Wolverine into an icon of awesomeness while humanizing him for a new generation of comic-book fans.

Shooting began in Sydney, Australia today on the $80 million pic on what looks like some kind of Japanese prison or compound situated at the end of a beach.

Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) wrote the sequel and James Mangold (Walk the Line) is taking the reins behind the camera. It’s a good pedigree for the series, which is one of the weaker Marvel Studios properties based on the lackluster Origins: Wolverine film.

But, Marvel is sparing no expense this time, as Wolverine and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the popular superhero is aching to be given a proper film that fan-boys and non-fan-boys can appreciate.

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