WATCH: iPhone Halloween Costumes Will Scare the Crap Out of Your Friends

Beating iPhone Heart Halloween Costume + 20 more high-tech costumesNO MORE DUCT TAPE OR SCISSORS REQUIRED for 2013!!! Check out the new ones at Morph Costumes. Digital Dudz are pretty much your key to Halloween party domination… just sayin. Apple download: Android download: Get your shirt or iWound before they're all picked over: See reactions to the iWound from Magic of…2012-10-03T15:28:55.000Z

Not sure what to be for Halloween yet? Well check out these options for creepy on the cheap. With nothing more than a smartphone, you can creep the hell out of everyone you know. And really, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

All this from Mark Rober, who reach viral fame last year with his double iPad hole in the body Halloween costume. This year he’s spreading the wealth by creating a free app so other people can use there smartphones to make their own awesome and/or creepy costumes.

Want to show off your exposed beating heart? How about make a character on your shirt’s eyes move? These are the types of costumes Rober is promising.