Danica McKellar, aka Winnie Cooper on ‘DWTS’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Danica McKellar is one of the newest cast members on Dancing With the Stars. Check out the 5 Fast Facts on McKellar and what she’s been up to …

1. Most of us Know McKellar as Winnie Cooper

Everyone Knows It's Winnie – The Wonder YearsA Tribute To Kevin And Winnie From "The Wonder Years" To The Song "Windy" by "The Association"2011-08-15T11:04:11Z

Danica McKellar, 39, is most famously known for her role as “Winnie Cooper,” Fred Savage’s love interest on The Wonder Years. Boys all over the world fell in love with Winnie Cooper and still have crushes to this day. Have a look at a clip from the cult classic TV show in the above video.

2. Danica McKellar Is a Mathematician

McKellar isn’t your average child star. She’s actually an accomplished mathematician and has several New York Times bestselling books including “Math Doesn’t Suck” and “Kiss My Math.”

Danica began writing entertaining math books – with a glamorous flair – to teach and encourage middle school and high school girls in math.

Her self-titled website notes her scholastic accomplishments as:

A summa cum laude graduate of UCLA with a degree in Mathematics, Danica has been honored in Britain’s esteemed Journal of Physics and the New York Times for her work, most notably for her role as co-author of a groundbreaking mathematical physics theorem which bears her name, the Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem.

3. Val Chmerkovskiy is McKellar’s Partner on DWTS … At Least For Now

Danica McKellar has been paired with dancer Val on this season of Dancing With the Stars, but there’s a twist for season 18. This time around viewers can vote to change up the dancing couples, forcing the players to possibly switch partners. So, McKeller may end up with a totally different dance partner. In the meantime, though, the couple is calling themselves Team Vanica and is working hard to prepare for their time in the ballroom.

4. McKellar Is Also Known as “Miss Martian”

Young Justice: Miss MartianI loved making this video! It was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it! I don't own anything……except for the song……I bought that… Epic Score: Damsel's Escape2012-05-21T18:32:28Z

Since The Wonder Years, McKellar has taken on many roles on shows including How I Met Your Mother, The West Wing, and movies as well. She’s also a regular voice on the Cartoon Network for the TV show Young Justice, where she plays the role of “Miss Martian.”

McKellar’s website writes that McKellar has starred in over 30 films as well as over 50 guest-starring roles on TV shows throughout her career thus far.

5. “Math-a-thon” Is Her Favorite Charity

With McKellar’s passion for math, of course her most loved charity would be related to the subject. Math-a-thon is a math program that raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, while helping children enjoy math.

McKellar also is a big advocate for environmental causes and promotes the My Stuff Bags Foundation, which helps abused and neglected children throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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