‘The Walking Dead’: What is Terminus? Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

UPDATE: hit the link above to find out what took place when Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl discovered Terminus for themselves!

Terminus The Walking Dead

During last night’s (March 24, 2014) episode of The Walking Dead, viewers finally got to see exactly what Terminus is – a brand new location that is said to be an incredibly safe locale that all survivors are welcome to stay at.

The final moments of this episode opened a whole new discussion as to what this place is and how it will impact the crew of the show. The biggest question remains, though – what is Terminus, who lives there and what is its purpose? We’re going to pull the veil back on Terminus and clue you fans into what it could possibly be.

Note – prepare for a bunch of spoilers, folks. If you don’t want to know what the future holds for the season finale and beyond for The Walking Dead, take caution when checking out all of these facts.

1. A Radio Broadcast Revealed This Isolated Safe Haven

The Walking Dead AMC

During a previous episode of the The Walking Dead, Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese were riding along in a vehicle they procured beforehand. While riding along the deserted roads, they overheard a message playing over the radio that parlayed an alert for survivors – there is a safe haven out there that’s safe and willing to take in any living beings who may still exist.

As time went on, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Glenn and The Marauders all came across a railroad sign that displayed the following message – “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.”

2. A Bunch of Survivors Safely Arrived at Terminus

The Walking Dead

Mary from The Walking Dead.

At the end of the second-to-last Season 4 episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Glenn and The Marauders finally made their way safely into Terminus, a supposed sanctuary for weary survivors who have come far and wide from all corners of a zombified world. Once inside, they all encounter a woman who welcomes them all into her home. This new woman is known as Mary.

It has been noted that two new characters will make up the list of new inhabitants that reside at Terminus – Gareth and Mary herself. One other strange tie-in to this new plot point alludes to Michonne discovering a disfigured photo frame of a woman inside a vacant home. The woman in the photo bears a small likeness to Mary. Could this be a stern warning of how dangerous Mary truly is?

The Walking Dead Terminus

Who they are and what their purpose at Terminus will be is still a mystery…

3. Terminus Isn’t From the Comic Book, But It May Include Elements of It

The Walking Dead Hunters

“The Hunters” from The Walking Dead comic book.

Terminus is a completely new story location that’s not lifted directly from The Walking Dead comic book. However, this new place may feature a few elements of the comic in different forms. It’s interesting to note that this particular arc of the comic book/TV show revolves around the introduction of cannibalism. Does Terminus actually house a group of supposed “skin eaters” in its midst? May the comic’s “Hunters” become a focal point of this brand new location.

It seems like we’ll have all the answers once Season 5 (October 1, 2014) comes around…

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4. The Word “Terminus” is Tied to Several Different Meanings

The Walking Dead Terminus

The word “Terminus” itself may offer some insight into what this new show location could possibly be about. “Terminus” has a couple of different meanings that imply several different things:

– “Terminus” translates to “the end of the line”
– “Terminus” is the original name of Atlanta. Back in the 1800’s, a railroad that connected the state of Georgia to the Midwest was built. The final location that was chosen as the railroad’s terminus later got it’s official name – Atlanta
– “Terminus” is the title of the final poem ever composed by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Interestingly, the poem focuses on a conversation between the author and Terminus aka “God of Bounds.” Both individuals discuss the author’s forthcoming death
– “Terminus” is the name of Roman God who was known for guarding boundary markings
– “Terminus” is Latin for “Border”

5. The Season 4 Finale of The Walking Dead Will Most Likely Involve A Conflict Between Two Groups of Survivors

The Walking Dead Terminus

The last episode of the fourth season of The Walking Dead may see two major survivor groups face off in a violent conflict. Darryl officially joined up with a group of men who abide by their own set of life rules. Rick, Carl and Michonne are still traveling together towards Terminus. During the previously mentioned episode, one of Darryl’s group members mentioned how him and his men arrived at a big house. They were forced to leave after one of their men was killed by someone who was still inside the home after their arrival. The man that was killed eventually turned, which soon drove the entire group to leave their newfound home. One of the group’s survivors ended up catching a glimpse of the man who was responsible for killing one of their own.

Keen fans of the show will remember that Rick was the man that Darryl’s new ally was speaking of. Rick was left on his own while Carl and Michonne went searching for supplies. Once the group of men took over the home, Rick was forced to kill a man and escape from the house. He eventually ran into Carl and Michonne and they all ran off to safety.

Darryl has no clue that one of his newfound group members knows who the killer is – Darryl’s friend Rick. Judging by the Season 4 finale preview, it looks like both groups will come to a violent conclusion.

Check out the video below to see a sneak preview of the Season 4 season finale:

Head to the next page for even more info on this huge Terminus revelation on The Walking Dead!

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