Dan Dotson, ‘Storage Wars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Dan Dotson from Storage Wars was recently rushed to the hospital and he’s still not out of the woods. Read on for the facts on Dotson’s health, his role on Storage Wars, his wife, and more.

1. A Double Brain Aneurysm Has Landed Him in the Hospital

Dotson is lucky to be alive right now after suffering a double brain aneurysm. TMZ reports:

Dan Dotson was rushed to a hospital in Palm Springs Monday afternoon after suffering a double brain aneurysm … and doctors said he only had a slight chance of survival … Luckily his surgery Tuesday afternoon was a success … we’re told he’s doing better than expected but he’s by no means out of the woods.

2. Dotson’s Wife Laura Gave a Full Account of the Incident

Laura Dotson revealed to TMZ that Dotson had collapsed in their home early Monday morning.

Dan woke Monday morning around 1 AM asking weird questions in his sleep — and when he got up again around 7:30 AM things took a turn for the worse. Laura says Dan complained about having double vision and not feeling right — so he went back to sleep. Dan got up a few hours later to take a shower, got out collapsed. Laura says he turned blue, so she worked with an 911 operator to administer CPR.

According to Laura, Dan Dotson suffered two aneurysms, one behing his eye and another in his neck “the size of an apricot.” He was originally given 4%-20% chance of surviving.

3. Dotson Is the Auctioneer on Storage Wars

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Dan and his wife Laura are auctioneers. You’ve seen Dotson in action as the auctioneer on reality series Storage Wars. Have a look at the above clip to see the couple in action.

4. Fans Are Tweeting Well Wishes for Dotson

Fans of Storage Wars and Dotson himself are tweeting well wishes for a speedy recovery for the star.

5. Being an Auctioneer Is in Dotson’s Blood

According to American Auctioneers, Dan Dotson’s passion for auctioneering runs in the family. His bio reads:

My Grandfather Sam Fancher was a cattle/farm auctioneer in No. West Arkansas ( Ozark Mountains). My Grandfather Sam Fancher was taught to auctioneer from Detmen Mitchell in 1945, Grandpa Sam was a successful cattleman and auctioneer. At 11 years old he taught me to auctioneer. I was the youngest auctioneer in the No West Arkansas, I worked as an auctioneer over the next 4 summers and at age 16, I would skip school and go over to the Chino auction in Califor- nia and sell furniture for an auctioneer named Merl Bernard.

Dotson has been in the auctioneering business since 1974.

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