Nicole Kidman – Keith Urban’s Wife, ‘American Idol’

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of the power couples in Hollywood, thought they live a more low-key lifestyle down in Nashville. When Urban first met Kidman, he described the interaction as a bit awkward, but it evolved into a beautiful connection ... unlike the one she had with Jimmy Fallon. On the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Kidman revealed that she had gone to his apartment years ago in hopes of dating the star and he was completely oblivious and flubbed it all. Fallon was floored. He couldn't believe he blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman and he couldn't believe she was ever even interested in him. Whatever the case, it all worked out for the best and Kidman now has beautiful children with her husband Keith Urban. For more facts on their relationship and obstacles they've overcome together, click here. Now click through our gallery of their best photos together. (Getty)

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